Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading for April 12th






Weekly Tarot Card Reading

A one-card reading gives you a glimpse at what’s coming

By Brigit EsselmontVideos, Tarot Reader, Tarot Cards, Tarot

For the week of April 11, I chose the Eight of Cups, reversed.

The Eight of Cups often signifies a disappointing situation, but in the reversed position, it means you may have recently walked away from a disappointing situation that was no longer meeting your needs. However, there’s still an emotional ‘cord’ that is holding you to this situation and causing you to doubt yourself about whether you’ve made the right decision to move on.

If you’re feeling this emotional attachment, ask yourself whether it is serving you or holding you back. There may be some unresolved issues to work through before you can completely move forward with your life.

This week, keep telling yourself that you’ve made the right decision and that better things lie in store for you! Go with your gut, and also trust that you know the best path for yourself. Now is not the time to get depressed or anxious — if you’re still having doubts, ask a mentor or friend for advice.


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