The Difference You Make….(The Witch Said What?)

2 thoughts on “The Difference You Make….(The Witch Said What?)

  1. I make a difference by teaching college students math. The students I teach really need help due to inadequate teaching and the rush-rush attitude!


    1. I would say you are making a great difference then, contributing to our future generation to come. I believe our whole society has become a “rush-rush” society, which is truly a shame. I know with myself and my children, all of us wanted to hurry up and grow up. Now I wonder what was the rush. If I had to do it all over again, I would take time to enjoy every moment. It is sad, we don’t realize this till we are grown and look back and wonder what might have been, if we only took time to stop and smell the roses.
      Have a great weekend,
      Lady A


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