Bring Someone Close To You (Printable Spell Page)


3 thoughts on “Bring Someone Close To You (Printable Spell Page)

  1. If all these spell so good why. One never worked for so long im trying and follower the rules what going one here please i dont see nothing okay????


    1. There are hundreds of reason a spell might not work. First, are you a practicing witch? A witch who has studied for a year and a day, dedicated to the Craft? Next, do you do the spell and forget about it? Dwelling on a spell is the fastest thing that will kill a spell even before it gets a good start. Are you directing your intentions and all your power into the spell? Last this goes back to the first part, do you know how to cast a spell correctly. I mean do you have an altar so you can do the spell. Do you cast a circle? Do you have a Deity to assist you with your spellworking? Should I go on? You see there is a hundreds of reason a spell wouldn’t work. Perhaps I am wrong but I get this strange feeling from you that you have not studied for a year and a day. Please correct me if I am wrong. But I also feel that you came here looking for a love spell (which I don’t use but do post) and thought you could just do a little hocus pocus and the person you are trying to attract would be yours. If I am wrong again, please correct. There is more to spellwork than just seeing a spell that you like and thinking one can do it without the proper training. I apologize if I have read you wrong and again please let me know if I have. If you need training in the Craft, we do have a site we sponsor and the Lady there does teach the Craft. If you would like to learn how to properly cast a spell and get one to actually work for you. Her addy is Coven Life
      Lady of the Abyss


  2. I have asked for my children to come back to me to meet a man who will love and respect me and to win the lottery but nothing works


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