Let’s Talk Witch – Ever Wonder Where The Grimoire Came From & Why We Keep One?

This is part of the reason you see “Copyright” at the end of everything I have personally written. While I have no problem with others writing spells, rituals, lessons, etc into their own Book of Shadows or Grimoire. I do not want it printed off on a computer printer and just stuck in your own Book of Shadows or Grimiore.


I have been told to be nice, be nice and be nice but your comment just flew all over me. If you have a problem with our material that we use not having the “COPYRIGHT” notice at the bottom, why in the hell are you reblogging so much of it. The authors that we use are very grateful that we use their material. We are providing them with free advertising and also increasing their sales. We have even had authors email us and want to know why we quit using their material. Maybe you didn’t stop to think but the WOTC reaches every corner of this planet. We have authors wanting us to promote their books, use their material and just mention them. If you have a problem with no copyright at the end of the material, quit reblogging it.

If I were you I wouldn’t go complaining to Lady of the Abyss about what I said. I know once she sees your comment she is going to highly pissed off! I believe you have cooked your own goose this time, sister (and I use that term loosely).

I should clarify for those who don’t know why I am so upset, Lady of the Abyss busted her ass yesterday posting in the WOTC and the Coven at the same time. Lady A is a worker and she puts her heart into everything she does and this is the gratitude she gets, HA! Should I pull the knife out. Since you not only stabbed Lady A in the back and cut her throat at the same time, I have one more point to  make. When in the hell have you ever written anything worth reading that it deserves a copyright notice on it?

Mistress of the Myst