Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: January 2016

Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: January 2016

Exploring new possibilities

Brigit Esselmont

Hi I’m Brigitte, founder of Biddy Tarot, and this is the Monthly Tarot Forecast for January 2016. Firstly Happy New Year, this is going to be such a cool month.

I’m going to talk about the Blessings that are available to us, the Challenges, and the recommended course of action to is a Daily Insight Group Site

Your Daily Tarot Card for Friday, January 1st is The Hanged Man

Your Daily Tarot Card for Today

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is the most enigmatic card of the Tarot. Even Tarot giants like Waite, Crowley and Levi had trouble deciphering The Hanged Man’s true meaning. Generally The Hanged Man is thought to represent the value of surrender and selfless acts. The Hanged Man embodies the notion that sometimes to lose is to win. Unlike the aggressive Chariot, The Hanged Man creates his fate through inaction and accepts his fortune passively, without resistance. He does not struggle to control the path his life takes, but rather allows events to sweep him where they will, even if he is called upon to sacrifice himself. He is so at ease with the Fate the Universe chose for him that even hanging upside down from a tree does not ruffle his inner peace.

Your Horoscopes for Friday, January 1st







Your Horoscopes for Friday, January 1st



Aries Horoscope

This is a good day for partnering, dear Aries, and generally getting along with others. A special someone is likely to see eye-to-eye with you on career or life-path goals now, and a conversation or collaboration may be part of this, as ideas to advance can be strong now, particularly when you and someone you care about put your heads together. You seem to have energy to spare today, largely due to enthusiasm about what you can accomplish now and down the road. Plans seem to be coming together, or this feels imminent. Mercury moves into harmony with your sign tonight, and this move can stimulate conversations and thoughts about happiness goals, friendships, and new projects.



Good energy is with you for seeing both the details and the bigger picture today, dear Taurus, and there can be a nice feeling or sense that you can combine detail work with more adventurous or bold activities quite successfully, without either truly suffering. It’s also a fine day for talking about a relationship or financial matter, and making some resolutions on these lines. Others are more inclined to take you seriously now. Mercury moves to the top of your chart tonight, and you’re inclined to think in practical terms about the future. Priorities can become a focal point now.



This is a good day for finding a balance between playfulness and intimacy in a relationship, dear Gemini, or for enjoying a healthy balance of introspection and connections made with others. It’s easy to draw upon deeper feelings when pursuing creative projects. With the Moon moving into your entertainment and pleasure sector early into the day, you can most certainly be in a celebratory frame of mind. Mercury, your ruler, moves into harmony with your sign tonight, boosting your ability to communicate effectively and for others to receive your ideas well.



This can be a strong day for combining partnership and family needs successfully, dear Cancer. Plans might be made in this regard or that involve input from a number of parties, and you’re better able to feel united as you make decisions rather than pulled in different directions. The Moon moves into your family and home sector early into the day, and the urge to get cosy and comfortable is with you. Familiar faces and places soothe most of the time, but can be even more therapeutic now than usual. Mercury enters your solar eighth house tonight, encouraging almost x-ray vision as you see beyond the surface of matters, people, and relationships.



The year begins with quite a bit of energy and enthusiasm for projects and studies, dear Leo, as well as special sensitivity to, and a desire for mastery of, your health and work routines. Today, you can experience a nice burst of energy, particularly on a mental level, but also for organizing and handling details. You may feel you can achieve a good balance between responsibilities and personal projects now. The Moon moves into your communications sector early into the day, and this serves to heighten your curiosity and desire to diversify. Mercury moves into your partnership sector tonight, and you’re inclined to seek out others for important feedback.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

The Moon moves out of your sign early into the day, dear Virgo. While the Moon in your sign is a beneficial position, the move to the next sector of your solar chart can be relieving, as you tend to replace impulsiveness with patience and contentment. Take it easier now, but answer a desire to take care of business matters or to pursue a creative project or develop a talent. Excellent, intelligent energy is with you for making plans on creative and business levels, and for successfully combining imagination and practicality. There can be a desire to take on a challenge or master a problem now. Mercury, your ruler, moves into your work and health solar sector tonight, turning your attention to details and practical affairs.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

This can be an energizing and motivating day, dear Libra. The Moon moves into your sign early into the day, amping up your emotions and stimulating awareness of your needs and desires. While you may be seduced into thinking that you need to fill these urgently, your better bet is to focus on the emotional clarity that is likely to arrive now. Mars in your sign forms a creative aspect with the Sun, which is currently transiting your home and family sector. This can be a good day for successfully balancing or combining personal plans and family or domestic pursuits. You can accomplish much quite quickly and easily now. You may be taking the lead and appreciated for your guidance or initiative. Mercury moves into harmony with your sign tonight, boosting communication skills and stimulating a more playful presentation of your ideas and a gently competitive attitude that can encourage you to learn more and think more creatively.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

Good energy is with you for both catching up on your need for alone or private time, and connecting with others, dear Scorpio. The Moon moves into your solar twelfth house early into the day, and this signals a need to pull yourself out of overly competitive or demanding situations so that you can better attend to your inner world. Spiritual matters assume a little more importance to you, or you feel the need to get into touch with your deeper feelings on a matter. Today, a Sun-Mars aspect can stimulate a successful ability to share some of your more private or difficult to express ideas, a desire to help others with ideas, advice, or supportive conversation, or a need to take action on a dream, wish, or previously unacknowledged desire. Mercury moves into your home and family sector tonight, encouraging more conversations and further thought about personal, emotional needs and matters.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

You can feel motivated and a sense of being in charge and ready to take on challenges today, dear Sagittarius. You’ll find it easier than usual to take it or leave it when it comes to doing something with others or on your own, and feel comfortable either way. You tend to naturally gravitate towards the right path, tools, people, or resources to accomplish something special, and you are in the position to make plans for your future. The Moon moves into your hopes, wishes, ideals, and friendship sector early into the day, stimulating a need to feel hopeful and connected. Mercury moves into harmony with your sign tonight, and with the communications planet in your communications sector, you’re in a great position to make connections, learn, and study.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

Good energy is with you today for recognizing your priorities, dear Capricorn, and taking charge of an important responsibility. You can feel quite motivated and especially powerful and effective. Personal and professional goals gain momentum, and you feel quite positive about what you can accomplish going forward. You may be getting along well with a parent, boss, or other person in a position to support you or help you achieve your goals. A stronger sense of purpose is with you, and in a general sense, in the year ahead, and this energizes you in the right direction, towards things that are good for you. Mercury moves out of your sign and into your solar second house tonight. Mercury will return to your sign in retrograde motion on the 8th, and you’ll be revisiting some recent decisions.



Today is strong for enjoying some peace and quiet, dear Aquarius, and something different or unusual as well. There can be a real desire to move forward and get out of any rut you may have felt you’ve been in. You are more inclined to get moving, take action, and handle problem areas now than usual. Someone may be bringing out your more active, initiating qualities now, and encouraging you to go after what you want. The Moon moving into your adventure sector early today tends to feed your spirit for non-routine activities. Mercury moves into your sign tonight, and this can stimulate a desire to communicate your plans or learn something entirely new. Mercury will stay here only for a week or so before returning to Capricorn in retrograde motion.



You’re likely to be feeling more faith in your own ability to get things done today, dear Pisces. A connection with someone can deepen today. You can be self-assertive without coming across gratingly, and you may be in the position to lead others or to take the lead in a relationship. A stronger feeling of purpose can energize you. The Moon moves into your intimacy sector early into the day, and you’re beginning to focus on layers of meaning and understanding. You’re likely to notice elements of people and situations that you may have missed or seemed hidden to you previously. Mercury enters your privacy sector tonight, and this also points to a greater need to look for meaning in the layers of life that are not obvious.

Your Weekend Love Horoscopes for January 1 – 3

Weekend Love Horoscope

January 1-3: Getting what you want

Maria DeSimone is a Daily Insight Group Site

Your Horoscopes for the Month of January, 2016





Your Horoscopes for the Month of January, 2016



Aries Horoscope

This month is a power month for strategy, research, development, and career, dear Aries, and a lot of it is going on under the hood or behind the scenes. While you are more accountable than usual with the Sun at the top of your solar chart until the 20th, you are dividing your time, quite successfully at that, between meeting your responsibilities and/or critics, and between dealing with your plans, research, and development in the background. This is a strong month for accounting work and taking charge of your intimate or financial life. Unhealthy dependencies need to go!

From the 7-8, you have the chance to review and reassess different work endeavors. Most immediately (until the 25th), you can benefit from editing work in career and life path projects. Until May, Jupiter retrograde in your work and health sector can tame your enthusiasm just enough that you’re seeing these things more realistically. Try not to take on more projects now, and instead focus on what you’ve already begun.

Conversations can be intense and passionate this month when they relate to your ambitions, finances, and career matters. This is a time for eliminating waste and excess so that you can become more effective and efficient. Do NOT ignore a hunch or the beginnings of an idea related to career, work, or health on the 13-14. This is an excellent time to come up with an idea that can impact your life in the long term. Days to watch for misunderstandings or impulsive moves and speech are the 4-5 and the 21-22. Avoid revealing too much, too soon, and be sure you’re fully behind any ideas presented now, if you must present them.

From the 5-8, some of you could reconnect with an old friend. The 8-25 is an important time for research, editing work, and review of business or career-related plans. The New Moon on the 9th brings take-charge energy for your reputation, responsibilities, and career. However, take some more time to review matters before pushing a project forward. The 29-30 is strong for these matters.

Enjoy Venus in harmony with your sign until the 23rd. This points to relative ease in your social life. Considering that January can demand a lot of your more serious side in order to focus and concentrate, it’s a good thing that love and friendship matters are generally status quo or quietly thriving. Certainly, you have a need to live and love more freely rather than spending too much time worrying about problems. Publishing can be profitable. Travel or connections made with people from vastly different cultures than your own can be enjoyable and beneficial.

Reputation and career-related matters improve considerably from the 25th forward. In fact, you’re seen in a wonderful light. This is a great time to publish a creative work, connect with people who are in the position to support or help your cause/career, and smooth over relationships with parents, bosses, and co-workers, if necessary.



The month ahead is an important one for learning and relating, dear Taurus. A partnership can become quite heated and animated. You could find that you’re doing some people-pleasing now, as others seem to be a little more demanding of your energy and time, but it’s important to avoid going overboard to the point that you’re resentful. Relationship imbalances can become very obvious now, and resolutions to problems are demanded.

With Jupiter turning retrograde in your solar fifth house, this is a time for realigning your thinking towards a creative project, pleasure, or romance. You don’t need to put things on hold until May, but you can benefit from slowing things down a little so that you can catch your breath. Romantic prospects are still very good, although in the coming weeks, you might be refining your approach to getting what (and who) you want in love.

There can be the need for entirely new activities in order to bring emotional refreshment to your life this month. You may be demanding a conversation to get to the bottom of things around the 22nd and 29th. Avoid jumping to conclusions or locking into a deal on the first of these dates. You’re more likely to see things clearly on the second date.

On the 4-5, watch what you say and how you say it, and avoid pushy people or impatient words and moves. Important thinking about matters related to education, publishing, or travel is in focus in January, particularly around the 13-14. This can also be a time of romantic or creative success or ideas that have legs to stand on.

Mars moves into opposition with your sign on the 3rd, and this can serve to stir up passions, not always comfortably. While some of you could be experiencing real conflicts with a partner or best friend, others may be actively working to improve partnerships. Relationships that have been too restrictive, tense, dull, or negative need to improve. A partner could be aggressive or cranky, or possibly simply taking the lead. Try to muster up patience, but stand up for yourself if necessary. Oftentimes partners have something to teach us, as they can mirror parts of ourselves that we haven’t identified with or clearly seen before. At this time, a relationship or partner could be reflecting your own desire for action.

Until the 23rd, you’re in a great position to smooth over conflicts over money, debts, or other imbalances. It can be a good time to get a loan if needed. On the 22-24, family matters demand your attention. It’s a good time to pay more attention to family, to have a reunion, to buy something special for the home (although big purchases are best saved for after the 25th), or to enjoy a bonding family activity. From the 20th forward, more and more thought may be given to your career, responsibilities, reputation, and long-term goals.



The month ahead is strong for building health, improving daily routines, and taking care of business, dear Gemini. You’re generally in good shape in January when it comes to your close relationships as well. Jupiter has been bringing strong and enthusiastic energy to your domestic projects and home life in recent months, but from the 7th of this month until May, Jupiter is retrograde. This signals a time for reassessing matters – for making tweaks to your plans. It might be experienced as some waning of enthusiasm, but any slowdowns encountered now actually offer you the chance to look at your plans from a different perspective so that you can move forward with more confidence at a later date. Family is very supportive this month, in fact, particularly around the 13-14. This can be a good time for financial and home matters as well. New ideas can be golden, although acting upon them is best attempted at a later date. It may be too soon now.

The 7-8 is an important time for getting serious about a relationship matter. It’s best to face realities than to carry on believing something that is not true. A commitment made to or with a partner can be in focus for some of you. It may be time to take a relationship to a new level of responsibility, or to re-evaluate your romantic needs altogether. Two dates to watch for in particular this month are the 4-5 and 22nd, when holding on to your observations is probably the wisest thing to do. There can be problems with speaking or acting too soon at these times.

Careful review of your financials, commitments, and shared resources is appropriate from the 8-25. For some, a past intimate relationship can come up for “review” or consideration. It may be better to wait on making big decisions, both financially and emotionally, until you are seeing things more clearly. The Full Moon on the 23rd is strong for learning, publishing, and announcements, although you may want to wait a few days before acting on new information that emerges now.

From the 3rd forward is excellent for motivation to get work done. This is a time for pushing yourself to improve your health and fitness, without overdoing it, of course. You can be feeling quite pumped about getting organized as well. Problems with co-workers can be aired and tackled this month and next. Difficulties with work load or excessive demands on you can now be acknowledged, but avoid being too impulsive or brusque with others. Get rid of clutter, eliminate waste that interferes with health and fitness pursuits, and take the initiative to get health check-ups or to launch new programs. Avoid overstrain so that you can enjoy yourself as you get your life back into shape.



The month ahead can bring a strong focus on relationships, dear Cancer. There can be ups and downs in a partnership or close friendship, but ultimately a good time for sorting out problems. Mars is traveling in harmony with your sign, animating romantic relationships, firing up feelings towards someone, and inspiring you to create, share, and connect. There is more fire, passion, and motivation to express yourself in unique, special ways, and more courage to chase your heart’s desire. Channel excess energy into exercise, dance, music, and art that involves movement. For some of you, a romance could heat up. The trick to following your heart is to first know your heart. The 17-18 is strong for making that connection.

You have been pursuing new interests and learning about many new things lately with Jupiter in your communications sector, and this continues until October. Generally speaking, this is a powerful time for learning and connecting. However, with Jupiter retrograde from January 8-May 9, it may be time to draw rein or focus on projects already underway rather than expanding or taking on more projects just for now. You’ll be able to see more clearly what needs your attention most. Ultimately, of course, this does you a service. Benefits are strong in communications, but if you do too much, you’ll overload yourself. Now is a good time to see where you should prioritize.

On the 7-8, circumstances are clearing the way towards more capability in work, health, chores, and routines, although there may be some sobering moments to deal with in the process. Good energy for showing your solid, responsible, and valuable side is with you now, and can benefit you.

You might find that you prefer working and making decisions with a partner or someone special much of January, but this can be complicated at times. Mercury’s retrograde while it moves through your partnership sector from the 8-25 can require some backing off or turning to the past for answers. On the 4-5, watch carefully for impulsive words, particularly in a relationship. On the other hand, the 12-14 is a strong time for listening to a partner, advisor, or counsellor, and for listening to your own instincts. It’s a time for clearing the slate and starting fresh when it comes to your close relationships and attitudes towards partnering.

Until the 23rd, smoothing over problem areas at work or with your daily routines comes naturally and easily. There may be social or love opportunities emerging as you pursue your work or health goals. From the 23rd and especially the 25th forward is an excellent period for relationships, whether these are love or business-based. Negotiation skills skyrocket. The Full Moon on the 23rd illuminates a financial or ownership matter.



The desire and motivation to start fresh with attention to your health and work is with you this month, dear Leo, in spades. After the New Moon on the 9th, you’re especially ready to take charge. Self-improvement is in strong focus. With Mercury retrograde in this area of your chart from the 8-25, looking at past projects, discovering inconsistencies in current endeavors and plans, and doing editing work are all in focus now. Get a project right before moving forward or releasing it. This is a strong time for doing so. Jupiter also turns retrograde this month, on the 7th. While you may be experiencing some seeming turnarounds, delays, or waning enthusiasm with business, love, or finances, this is also a good time to draw rein on certain projects and focus on priorities and perfecting current projects instead of taking on new ones. You’ll be happy you took this time.

There can be a real drive to improve your efficiency this month, and some serious thought or conversations can result. Take the time to work hard at something you love or something you believe in, as you can make great progress now. The 12-14 is powerful for seeing details you may have missed in the past. Ideas birthed now can be significant ones, particularly related to health and well-being and your vocation. Some of you can come into money or discover a resource that was previously hidden this month. Practical matters can thrive, particularly if you do a little research, editing, and analyzing.

Much of this month and all of next, Mars is in stressful relation to your Sun, and this can sometimes feel weighty. You may need to jump over some hurdles to get to a positive headspace. You may feel caged in. You are energized to deal with any problems or stagnation in your domestic life. You might be on edge more readily than usual, and should fight a tendency to be defensive or even paranoid with others. Use excess energy for constructive pursuits, particularly related to home and family. If you’re feeling competitive, use this energy to your advantage by focusing on improvements.

Venus is traveling in harmony with your sign until the 23rd, and this boosts your personal appeal. When Venus meets up with Saturn on the 8th, a serious discussion or revelation can occur that renews your focus, although it can also bring dissatisfaction to light, particularly related to a creative or romantic pursuit. Even so, this is about moving forward – coming to a conclusion and going with it. If you allow yourself to be realistic about what a person can or cannot do, feels or does not feel, then you can ultimately put more faith and trust in that person. Keep this in mind and aim for self-honesty. The Full Moon in Leo on the 23rd is revelatory. You are likely to come to a personal epiphany as you recognize feelings that you may have buried. The last week of the month is good for moving work and health projects forward with more confidence and relations with a partner or significant other.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

This is a month for finding ways to more fully enjoy and express yourself, dear Virgo. There can be times when you feel mentally wired, but overall, there is greater passion and motivation to get things done, to learn, to connect, and to share. You may not often sit still, and you’re inclined to want to initiate independent work and projects. You learn best when you are teaching yourself or engaged in self-study this month and next.

Watch carefully for alienating others through harsh words, or speaking prematurely of matters that are better left alone for the time being on the 4-5 and 22nd. Both of these dates are close to Mercury’s stations. Misunderstandings are likely, and more weight may be given to words you might wish to take back later.

January is also a month for some introspection and slowing down in order to catch your breath and review recent projects. For one, Jupiter in your sign turns retrograde on the 7th, and for another, Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde from the 5-25. Jupiter continues to boost your optimism and confidence, but while retrograde from January 7-May 9, you are likely to see areas of excess and begin to work on projects that you’ve already taken on rather than adding new ones to your life. If you’ve been overdoing pleasures or the seeking of freedom, this is the time to rethink and make adjustments that bring you down to earth, just a little! This can also be a time for repairs and refinements in the home and with family. During Mercury’s retrograde, aim to edit, review, and refine creative projects. A romantic partner from the past may reappear, either in thought or person. You might discover new ways to recycle or rework old hobbies.

Your ideas are genuinely creative right now, and there can be a dramatic and competitive touch to pretty much everything you do this month. Pay special attention to creative impulses and ideas around the 12-14, when the Sun and Mercury align and harmonize with Jupiter in your sign. Look to projects you’ve already started and perhaps to the past for things you may have missed.

Venus moving through your home and family sector until the 23rd softens any rough edges around the home. The 8th is strong for committing to a home or family project, and the ability to see things more realistically is empowering. Meeting your responsibilities is important now. You may feel aligned with or supported by a significant person in your life. If you’ve been overworking or forgetting to attend to your emotional health, the Full Moon on the 23rd will remind you of the need to slow down. The 25th forward is excellent for romantic and business relationships. You’re resolving problems and connecting well with others now.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

The month ahead is a relatively quiet one for you, dear Libra. Two retrogrades this month occur mostly in sectors of emotion and soul and point to a need or desire to look to the past before moving forward. Mercury’s retrograde begins in your romance and creativity sector on the 5th, but by the 8th, moves into your home and family house, where it stays until the 25th. There may be repairs to attend to around the home, or you could be reviving or reworking old projects. While you shouldn’t get stuck in the past, review is absolutely appropriate, and possibly even profitable and beneficial, particularly around the 12-14. Jupiter’s retrograde in your privacy sector is bound to draw you inward to some degree, and over the coming weeks, you can be especially contemplative at times. Your faith in your own instincts or in life itself may not be as strong as it has been. This is a temporary and in fact necessary process that allows you to reassess where it is you want to be, where you’re headed, and whether your connection to your spiritual side is in need of some nurturing.

Mars energizes your resources sector from the 3rd forward, and this can increase your courage or desire to take a few risks in your business or with finances. While you should certainly be careful with spending impulsively, this can be a good time in general for seeing your ability to earn or your own talents in a more confident way. Breathe new life into old projects or consider ways to break out of a rut.

Intensity can very easily come across in your communications around the 22nd and 29th, so you might want to tone it down or double check what you’re writing, for example, to make sure it’s appropriate. Another time to watch for impulsive speech and actions is the 4-5. Generally speaking though, you are coming across well in your communications and getting along well with classmates, siblings, and acquaintances with Venus in your communications sector until the 23rd.

You are likely to feel strongly protective of your loved ones this month. Your goal is to find solutions to long-standing problems. Around the 8th, you might be asked to speak as an authority on a matter, or you could receive news of an important learning endeavor. Circumstances may be such that you need to become more organized and efficient with your work and daily life. Transportation issues might change and equipment, such as cars, computers, and phones, may need repairs.

The 25th forward is powerful for finding a better balance between attention to emotional and family concerns and attention to amusement and recreation.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

The month ahead of you can be an especially busy and animated one, dear Scorpio, largely due to Mars moving into your sign on the 3rd, and an emphasis on your busy, communicative solar third house. There is a lot to deal with in the short term, but you can also find time for long-term vision and planning. Mars in your sign can lend a brusque or impulsive manner to your presentation at times, but you might choose to embrace its positive qualities and take charge of your life with brave confidence. Whether or not you’re totally onboard with the plans you’re making now, at the very least you feel good about having a plan in place and thankful for the clarity. This can be a good time for attracting work, and also for getting the attention you need on a health level. Watch for overstrain on physical, emotional, and mental levels, but do gently push some of your usual limits. Mars can help you assert yourself and help you to draw upon your natural courage, but self-control should always be exercised for best results.

You may have recently come up with all sorts of ideas for future endeavors, but if you’ve put too much on your plate, you’ll start to feel it with Jupiter’s retrograde from the 8th forward. Your enthusiasm may wane if you have too much before you, so aim to pare things down and to focus on a few of the more practical goals. Some of you could be reassessing your involvement with a friend or group or simply toning down your social life a little.

While Mercury is retrograde in your communications sector from the 8-25, be attentive and proactive with communications and transportation equipment, identifying potential problem areas and dealing with them promptly. Be a little more conscious of how and what you communicate, particularly on the 4-5 and 22nd. On the 4-5, you should also watch for mistakes made in haste. Provocative words can be a problem around the 22nd. However, you may be able to put everything together and make a persuasive argument by the 29th.

A big purchase or commitment might be considered around the 8th, but while it’s a good day for taking a hard look at your finances, including any larger purchase you are considering making, with realism, it’s also important to recognize that commitments made now can be quite permanent. Invest in the long term.

The 12-14 is a good time for reviving old projects and for new ideas. Acting on these ideas is not recommended just yet, but don’t ignore your intuition and news coming in now. From the 23rd, and even more so from the 25th forward, you’re in great shape when it comes to sharing your ideas, learning important skills, and connecting with people who help and encourage you. Some of you could make a romantic connection around the 29-30 or boost a current one.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

There can be serious moments this month, dear Sagittarius, particularly related to money and resources, but all in all, a good month for finding a balance between work and play. This may not be the best time generally speaking for relying on others, but you can enjoy a comfortable level of independence and self-reliance.

Mars moves into your privacy zone for an extended, complicated stay beginning on the 3rd, and your inner world is animated, often pulling you inward. You may be reviewing different elements of your life and wondering where things are going, particularly love and creative matters. This is a time when you are more inclined to look for help or guidance, likely of a more anonymous nature, such as through online groups, as the usual sources for sharing may not be as straightforward or available. As well, your desires are more complex than usual, and when you do know what you want, you may not see an easy way to go after it. This can lead to creative solutions and detours, particularly around the 17-18, however.

You may need to curb your enthusiasm a little on the professional front beginning on the 8th – just enough to gain new perspective and to focus on projects that are doable. Even so, there can be a pleasant feeling of letting things unfold naturally, and faith that they will work out in the end. You are seeing your capabilities for what they are, rather than over or under-estimating them. You might decide to review, edit, and perfect current projects rather than taking on new ones just for the time being. The 12-14 is strong for income, practical, career, and image matters.

Money matters can also be important and in focus, but complicated at times this month. Look to the past when you were most successful with your talents and finances for important clues. Venus moves through your sign until the 23rd. This is a wonderful cycle that occurs approximately once a year for 3-4 weeks, and favors personal attraction and positive attention. You look good, are framed in a wonderful light, and people appreciate your natural style. Let positive people and circumstances come to you now. Venus rules over friends, groups, and causes in your solar chart, and these things tend to be beneficial at this time. Money matters improve and even thrive from the 25th forward. Don’t hide yourself away in the last week of January especially, as there are important connections to make with people who can help you to move your plans forward.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

This is a power month, dear Capricorn, although you will be doing some reassessing of projects and plans before pushing forward. There is a big emphasis on personal plans as well as friendships, groups, teams, and new long-term goals.

Your affectionate nature is a little withdrawn, pensive, and more private than usual until the 23rd, after which Venus in your sign brings attention your way. For the first three weeks of the year, particularly also with Mercury retrograde in your sign from the 8-25, you have personal presence and power, but you can be rather hard to get in touch with on many planes. Whether this translates as being a little hard to get, withdrawn, or aloof, it’s a time for looking behind you in order that you can better see your next step forward.

Jupiter turns retrograde on the 7th in your adventure sector, and while you continue to experience a desire to venture out and discover new things while Jupiter transits this solar house (until October), the retrograde period from now and until early May can point to some natural waning of enthusiasm or questioning of faith in what you’re pursuing. You may need to do some de-emphasizing of adventurous, pleasure-seeking activities.

Mercury officially turns retrograde on the 5th, but does so at one degree of Aquarius, moving back into your sign on the 8th. Mercury turns direct on the 25th, and then continues to transit your sign until February 13th. There can be a revisiting of decisions related to friendships and long-term goals, and some of the conclusions you drew in December. Projects may need a second look.

Look more closely to what’s on the inside and align your outer goals to better reflect what you feel and what you’ve become in the last year. The New Moon on the 9th is all about you and presenting a new look, image, or more authentic version of “you” to others. Yes, you’re still reflecting and considering your next step, but you have more power than usual to take charge and to make an impact in the days after this lunation. This is a time for a new beginning of sorts. It’s likely to cause a few ripples on the home front or with family, but it’s also a good time for making decisions to leave a bad situation behind you, particularly related to money matters and relationships.

The 13-14 is powerful for the very beginning of new ideas, particularly related to personality, image, and education or travel. This is a generally fabulous time for educational matters, even if there can be some backtracking now. In fact, you’re absorbing a lot of important information that you can truly use in the future.

This is a strong month for feeling motivated to make important connections, for researching a new goal, and for having extra courage to make a new friend or join a group.

On and in the days surrounding the Full Moon in Leo on the 23rd, there can be new information about finances or a reveal of intimate feelings that rocks your world a little, nudging you in a new direction. The last week of the month is considerably more outgoing. This is a great time for turning a few heads and one of the better times of the year (continuing into February) for personal attraction.



While you have a lot going on behind the scenes and you are in need of some “down time” in the first three weeks of January, dear Aquarius, your ambitions are certainly stimulated and you can be in the position of being in charge and in the lead. This seemingly contradictory trend is an independent one with Mars at the top of your chart, and it’s about career, life path matters, and your relationship with people in authority. Ambition and the desire for recognition of your performance can be stimulated for many of you, and for others, there can be a sudden surge of motivation and energy for coming up with a workable, results-oriented life plan. You may want to go it alone on some level – to take the initiative and the lead. Follow your ambitions, but be as considerate as possible to those around you, particularly around the 4-5, when Mercury in your sign turns retrograde and clashes with Mars, and avoid pushing yourself so hard that you burn out. Be innovative but patient as well.

Until the 23rd, you’re in an especially good position related to friends. It’s a great time for smoothing over differences, doing some networking, and for improving your social life in general, which is best taken in small, happy doses these days. Going overboard in these areas will not fly well right now. There can be the need to get serious about a connection or project around the 7-8. Dreams and ideas can take on real substance. It’s a good time for coming to agreements, and simply agreeing and feeling stronger for it. Practical aspects of your connections are in stronger focus, and reliable friends are appreciated more than ever.

The 23rd itself can bring important insight into a relationship matter, and into your own feelings about someone. Something is released or revealed now. From the 23rd forward is a time for taking stock of your emotional and social life. Love might require some personal sacrifices or simply some deeper thought. Aim to come to an understanding with someone, or a matter, from the past. This gets easier after the 25th. By the time of a New Moon in your sign on February 8th, you’ll be in great shape to see what attitudes and situations need to be left behind you in order to go forward brightly and powerfully.

This month, at times there can be important and intense examination of, and thoughts or conversations about, the past and private matters. It’s an excellent time for cutting through appearances and uncovering something previously unknown or hidden. The Sun in your sign from the 20th forward certainly nudges you into a personal spotlight and fills you with a sense that you can begin anew – stronger, more in charge of your life, and more confident.



This is an excellent month for pursuing your interests without too much in the way of interference, dear Pisces, and is particularly strong for doing new things, learning, and sharing or publishing your ideas. Several planets are harmonizing with your sign in January.

Watch on the 4-5 not to push your ideas and beliefs too hard – the chances of being misunderstood run high. A retrograde Mercury cycle from the 5-25 points to the need to review recent attachments, relationships, and projects. Get plans right before going forward. Some of the enthusiasm you’ve been feeling about a relationship may begin to wane a little from the 7th, as you begin to see it from a more realistic perspective. However, this is not a negative thing by all means. In fact, some introspection is in order, and a more mature look at others and your own relationship needs is empowering. The 8th is important for getting along with associates and those in a position of authority. You may feel the need to make a personal sacrifice in order to secure a professional benefit now. The 9th brings a burst of new energy for your social life.

While work needs some special attention, most of the month, Mars is encouraging you to broaden your horizons. Restlessness can sometimes pull you away and distract you, but overall you’re in a good position to balance your attention to routine and responsibility with your attention to discovery and exploration.

Listen to your intuition on the 13-14, when ideas for the future can be golden. You may not know all the details just yet, but that’s just fine. It’s about the vision now. It’s important that you recognize the importance of your relationship with the team or group. Collaboration can move your plans forward. Be selective and watch associates a little more closely now.

The 22-24 can bring a work or health matter to light. It’s an excellent time to recognize the desire or need to begin a new self-improvement program.


January 2016 Astro-Energy Report

January 2016 Astro-Energy Report

Preparing to Begin

2016 may get off to a slow start. We may even be tempted to write off January before we’ve given it a chance! If so, don’t! Granted, it’s not the most upbeat and inspiring start to a new year, but the overall feel, this month, of setting straight our lives, getting unfinished business sorted and matters in order stands us in good stead for February when an eclipse season begins (heralding two eclipses in March) and things begin to pick up pace. This is very much a month of getting down to business whether that means sorting out cupboards, paying outstanding bills, catching up on correspondence or deciding, once and for all, which bits of our life we’re definitely going to sort out his year! Don’t overlook the power of such seemingly inconsequential activities. This month they form the fertiliser for growth to come in due course.

In essence, the key message of January is exactly that: don’t divide life into spiritual and mundane, special and ordinary. It’s all special and all mundane. Everything we do has power. Every word, action, thought, feeling and intention carries weight in this universe. If we deem the everyday world of work, commuting, shopping, cleaning, earning enough to keep ourselves afloat, as somehow less worthy than when we’re ‘being spiritual’ we deny the presence of the sacred at the heart of our life. Doing this results in the feeling that we have to go somewhere extraordinary to ‘be spiritual’, behave a certain way, look a certain way or live a particular kind of life. The trappings of a spiritual persona thus become the deciding factor of our worth, and that of everyone else. Judgements are made based upon surface appearances and not quality of being. Pursuing spiritual enquiry becomes something that makes us special and thereby a tool of ego rather than spirit. This is a frequent phenomenon these days when the ‘spiritual marketplace’ is full to bursting with holy materialism, devoid of the one thing that no one can buy: presence. Clear, unadulterated, vibrant presence: the fundamental connection with Source, available to everyone everywhere.

2016 is a year of blasting through pretence and personas to reveal what lies beneath. Nothing will be spared this penetration of reality which exposes the truth at the heart of everyone. Those who claim spiritual accomplishment will have to account for their claims. Those who present a certain face will be challenged to make that face a reality throughout their lives or discard it to reveal what lies beneath. There may be moments of painful exposure, deceptions highlighted, lies revealed and pretentions up-ended, but throughout all of this runs the clear, golden thread of truth which illuminates all that is authentically real. We can no longer get away with dividing the world into pieces, with some parts more worthy than others. We must live it all, embrace it all and be it all. Ourselves, fully lived in all our glory, not shaped and honed to present a favoured face to the world.

Likewise, if we think awakening makes life easy, this year may cause us to think again! Awakening is not about getting life to unfold to our tune, but about getting in tune with life such that we and it are one and the same, flowing in tandem through all eternity. This doesn’t come easy to us human beings so intent on controlling events, getting our desires met and seeking acclaim for what and who we are. Humility is key, as is a willingness to believe we know nothing and no one in order to allow life to surprise us again and again. Which it will do if we let it. Not always in ways we may appreciate, but always in ways that wake us up ever more to the deeper currents of becoming that flow through and around our being.

Mars’s entry into Scorpio on 3rd January sets the scene for two months of powerful activity which reaches the stubborn roots that need to be severed. Often we may facilitate surface changes which look good but fail to penetrate the more hidden, deeper aspects of our psyche where we wrestle against real change. Mars in Scorpio both resists change and forces it, knowing that in its very resistance lies the energy needed to break through obstacles and old patterns that keep our energy stuck and our perspective limited. During this time we may find ourselves both desperate for change and fearing it, creating ambivalence and pent up energy that will disrupt our everyday experience until we can address what’s really going on. The rebirth that lies at the heart of Scorpio is not secured with a small gesture of faith but a huge demonstration of our endurance and resolve to burn through those things that bind us. Mars is happy to fuel that burning and fan the flames, even when we’d rather he just lay off and stop pointing to those truths we’ve worked so hard to bury!

But truth will out this month, not least with Mercury travelling retrograde between the 5th and 25th, mostly in Capricorn but with a few days in Aquarius. This particular Mercury retrograde is especially powerful and full of surprises. If we’re trying, deliberately or inadvertently, to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes (including our own) this combination will scupper our efforts! Mercury retrograde in Capricorn exposes the cold hard facts whether we like it or not, but in doing so reveals alongside the freedom that comes with simply saying it like it is and being prepared to live with the consequences. This is good practice for the rest of the year, when truths may be searing and yet profoundly necessary to recalibrate our relationship with each other, the world at large and our beautiful planetary home. If we want truths wrapped up in sparkly paper with a bow on top this year may disappoint. If we simply want it spelled out to us, plain as day and undeniable, we’re in for a fruitful ride!

The New Moon in Capricorn on 10th January, squared by Uranus in Aries, reminds us that the blazing fire of the divine within is not the same as the heat emitted by ego which believes itself to be the source of all power. It’s about to become increasingly difficult to force anything by sheer will alone, and efforts may come to nought if we fail to align them with the greater current of conscious evolution that requires devotion to a process beyond our understanding. This New Moon reminds us that whatever we think awakening is about, it isn’t. If we can think it we’re already wrong! Concepts don’t come close and nor do these words. We simply have to become it and see what happens, moment by moment, awake to the pulse of creation that shapes our days.

The general sense that we can’t quite get into our stride may catch us off guard if we’re too focused on what we believe should be happening this month, versus what’s actually going on! An alignment involving Jupiter, Eris and the Sun which spans the sky between 11th and 16th January turns the spotlight on how well our relationship with the material world reflects our inner wisdom. There’s little point seeking truth if we’re not prepared to live it and wisdom left to shrivel in the corner does more than limit our effectiveness. It diminishes our very being as we cast aside the divine nourishment that feeds our awareness. We can’t cherry-pick truth for those tasty morsels that make us feel good. We must consume it all and digest it well, allowing it to nourish us and fuel further insight and deeper freedom.

The Full Moon in Leo on 25th offers us a boost if we need some encouragement. It’s okay if we’re starting to see through new eyes what once seemed obvious, causing us to question who and what we are. This Moon reminds us that only by testing out perspectives and living our way into our dreams can we discover their truth or otherwise. We cannot assess it all beforehand and decide prior to the start which paths are worthy of effort and which will lead us astray. We have to embrace life from the inside to find all that stuff out, revealed in our encounter with the present moment and born of past decisions and current realities. This Moon offers the confidence to step onto the path no matter how uncertain we feel, for only in doing so will we ever discover the next step and then the next, each choreographed from within and without as we pay attention to the truths which arise along the way.

Mercury stations direct the day after the New Moon, heralding a gradual change of pace and the opportunity of forward motion. If we’ve lived this Mercury retrograde well we’ll be prepared, at this point, to begin stepping out and making waves, taking a stand and committing to the long haul however it may look. Whether we hope this will be a year of personal changes or public achievements, spiritual awakening, financial riches or the whole caboodle, the final week of January invites us to begin, after three weeks of tying up loose ends and unfinished business that may otherwise have made new beginnings unlikely.

As January comes to an end energy runs high and inspiration with it, although we’d be wise to keep our feet on the ground! A sequence of small alignments to end the month remind us that energy is information and our task is to interpret the clues and follow the trail. If something’s not working energy is either blocked or too diffuse. Discerning the difference is an important skill to develop this year so we might as well start now! The first clue is found in our attitude: are we gritting our teeth and forcing progress no matter what or letting go too readily and ‘trusting the universe’ to do what is, in fact, our job! Finding the balance between surrender and effort, dedication and flexibility, will pay dividends now as we more greatly appreciate the internal nuances which shape our experience and thereby fashion the future from how we live our every day.

2015 Recap & 2016 Forecast

2015 Recap & 2016 Forecast

Cosmic Weather 2015 year-end wrap up and 2016 Forecast

2015 Recap

I made a joke a few weeks ago on my Facebook page when I suggested that in response to 2015 that we begin 2016 with a “box of chocolates, a good cry and a vacation.” Though it was a good giggle, it turned out plenty of people have shared my sentiment. It seems like a lot of the hope and magic we were hoping for regarding 2015 didn’t exactly happen anywhere close to how we imagined it. In my own life, I faced some challenges that I referred to as “Jedi Skills Training” and that’s not far from the truth. I was shown in greater depth about the nature of energy – both positive and negative. It did however, inspire a new book “The Aquarian Empath, Part 2.” So that was the gold to come from that particular shadow, which was also a recurring theme in the collective. One of my wise friends predicted that despite how rough around the edges we may be feeling at the end of this unusual and enigmatic year, we would end it on a high note. I agree. How so? This year has shown us many things; primarily how strong that we can be especially when we are united as one family of love. It takes bigger storms to knock us over these days. It hasn’t exactly been a cakewalk gaining strength and greater awareness, but the rewards are great and will continue to pay dividends for us in the future.

The Second Return of Saturn in Scorpio: Challenges and Gifts

Last Summer we saw another pass of Saturn in Scorpio. Plenty of my astrologer friends noted that upon its return it was wearing army boots and ready to rumble and that it did. I had a feeling by the time we were through with that particular Saturn cycle we would view death and losses differently and for the most part, many of us have. The Buddhist practice of impermanence really hit home this year and for some, very close to the bone. This in combination with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces has definitely increased psychic sensitivity in the Collective. I had some very interesting conversations about my experiences in Spirit with some pretty unlikely folks this year, which has demonstrated a greater openness to another reality after physical transition as a more generally accepted concept.

One of the great gifts of this intense and fast moving year is a rarified form of *presence.* That is what so many big and little “deaths” will do for you, personally and collectively. It’s a kind of presence that couldn’t be made, but had to be born. I’ve often said before that it’s a matter of feeling like there is no time to waste. Before the new age contingency has at it, that statement is more allegorical than literal. Besides in the physical world time still does exist in a fashion, though even that as a concept is changing too.

Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away to the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that, we still are. Call me by my old familiar name. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference into your tone. Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me. Pray for me. Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without effect. Without the trace of a shadow on it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same that it ever was. There is absolute unbroken continuity. Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am but waiting for you. For an interval. Somewhere. Very near. Just around the corner. All is well. – Henry Scott Holland (1847-1918)

Breakups, loves lost and regained

I boogied in the ballroom, I boogied in the dark. Make you sweat, make you scream, make you wish you’d never been. I lost a lot of love over you. – Jagger/Richards

I heard about a lot of breakups this year and not just the romantic kind. Long term professional associations dissolved, family issues exploded and long lost lovers returned to even the playing field. Venus (recently in Scorpio) may have brought out some jealous or obsessive behavior in some, but on the up side it has brought healing and negotiation where it simply was not possible before. The big shifts in this area may be contributing to the “What the ___ was that?!” reaction and the integration time that is often required. This in my opinion is par for the course in a “8” Universal Year which is associated with magnification and that can also include karma.

Looking ahead at 2016

Interestingly 2016 is a “9” Universal Year which is classically associated with completion, rest, possible grief and disappointment. It is the culmination of all the preceding numbers that came before it. It is a significant “reset point” before the start of a new “1” cycle. More esoteric aspects of the 9 include humanitarianism and service to the all. It is the flip side of the “6” which is associated with love and care of one’s family and immediate circle to take it to a more universal level and a broader circle. Also, wisdom, accomplishment, and the attaining of one’s goals.

The number 9 is also interesting in terms of popular culture in songs such as “Cloud 9” by the Temptations and “Number 9 Dream” by Lennon and “Revolution #9” attributed to Lennon/McCartney/Ono. John Lennon was known to have a particular fascination with the number. It also has an association over the years with otherworldliness, freedom from suffering and a dreamlike quality.

I wanna say I love the life I live. And I’m gonna live the life I love. Up here on Cloud 9, I’m riding high. – Temptations

It is related to the 9th card in Tarot which is “The Hermit.” The Hermit is also associated with the search for truth, inner light and also the willingness to share acquired knowledge with others. He carries a staff and lantern in the form of the six-pointed star, both symbols of power and initiation. The astrological signs associated with both the 9 and The Hermit are Aquarius and Virgo.

2016 is a pivotal year in the unfolding of peace and abundance upon Gaia. Lightworkers continue to hold the line of Light. Lightworkers are also Peacekeepers. They do not “make” peace per se, but further anchor the reality of peace as a true spiritual state. Though the “9” Universal Year vibration is often associated with completion, it also sets the stage for an entirely new vibration and cycle. You will especially see this “ramp up” in the second half of the year starting with the 8/8 Gateway. – The Keepers, 12/30/15

2016 is also the Year of the Red Fire Monkey in the Chinese Calendar. The Chinese New Year begins on 2/8/16. Interestingly, the Monkey is the ninth sign in Chinese astrology. The main attributes of the monkey are: ambition, mischief, activity and adventure. Maybe this is the year that we get more control of the “monkey mind?” The Hermit and Monkey are energies that upon first glance don’t naturally fit together, but as in many astro-cosmic combinations we have yet to see the synergy that will unfold. The Monkey is also associated with change and quantum leaps. This will definitely be a year to continue to “take our act on the road” as the Keepers have referred to in terms of our talents, gifts and offerings. We’re ready for those new leaps and bounds, and we need not let old fears and limitations hold us back any longer.

In the last three years especially, we have been shown the limitations and potency of our own fears, thoughts and projections. We have a growing knowledge that while our own individual worlds are important and still so important to us, our own contribution to the collective is also known and understood. In 2016 what are we bringing to the table of humanity in our own unique form of service?

Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful New Year!

Current Moon Phase for Friday, January 1st is Waning Gibbous

January 1
Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 57%

The Moon today is in a Waning Gibbous Phase. This is the first phase after the Full Moon occurs. It lasts roughly 7 days with the Moon’s illumination growing smaller each day until the Moon becomes a Last Quarter Moon with a illumination of 50%. The average Moon rise for this phase is between 9am and Midnight depending on the age of the phase. The moon rises later and later each night setting after sunrise in the morning. During this phase the Moon can also be seen in the early morning daylight hours on the western horizon.

Phase Details for – Friday, January 1, 2016

Phase: Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 57%
Moon Age: 21.50 days
Moon Angle: 0.49
Moon Distance: 405,001.04 km
Sun Angle: 0.54
Sun Distance: 147,099,100.07 km

Let’s Talk Witch – Pagans & New Year’s Resolutions

What Will The New Year Bring?

Pagans & New Year’s Resolutions


Though the whole idea of doing resolutions for New Year is not a Pagan tradition at all, that doesn’t mean we don’t all try to manage few each year. So why not try some Pagan New Year’s resolutions this time?

Attend a Festival
This is a particularly important resolution if you are typically a solitary type of Pagan who doesn’t get to be social in their path very often. Do a little research and find a good Pagan festival that is taking place close enough to where you live and make plans to go. It could be a 1-day gathering or a week-long extravaganza. If you have never gone to a Pagan festival, you might want to try a shorter one to get your feet wet. Gatherings that take a few days usually mean you’ll be doing some camping. These are great for meeting new people and doing some networking in the larger community.

Make a New Altar Tool
Unless you already have an altar full of wonderful home-made goodies, you should try to make at least one new tool for yourself this year. That doesn’t mean you have to master blacksmithing so you can create a metal-worked athame or buy a kiln to craft a ceramic goblet. Use what crafty skills you have and use some basic supplies to create something new. Wands are actually quite easy, and candle-making supplies are common enough in craft stores. Decorate a notebook for a new Book of Shadows or go an extra mile to design a personalized Tarot deck. Work with what you have and make creative magick.

Explore a New Path
Now this doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your current path or that you have to change your beliefs in any way. But it never hurts to branch out or to see things in a new way occasionally. Do a little study into a path that is different from yours and see what’s different. Read some books or websites, or even try to take part in a meeting, circle or other gathering if you can find a local group. Of course, make arrangements before you just show up so they know why you’re there. You certainly don’t have to change anything about your own practice but this branching out can help breathe some fresh air into your own beliefs.

Make some Deity Time
This may not apply to everyone, depending on your current practice and understanding of the Divine. But many people are so busy these days that quiet time with a God or Goddess can easily be overlooked. It doesn’t have to be daily (though that would be nice), but you should be able to find some time each week for some kind of spiritual pursuits. Meditation or ritual should do just fine.

Non-Pagan Ideas
Well, these are kind of Pagan and I thought they would round out my list nicely. You can make a tribute to Mother Earth by spending some time outdoors helping to pick up litter or trash, or you could find a cause that fits your Pagan ideals and do some other types of volunteering (maybe an animal shelter). It doesn’t have to be a local cause either. Get involved with some online activism to help promote ideas you are passionate about.
There are some ideas to get you started. You don’t have to do all of them, but maybe one or two will peak your interest for the upcoming year.

Author: By Terri Paajanen
Article published on


Magickal Activity for New Year’s Day

Happy New Year
A New Year Prosperity Amulet

Items needed:
One new silver coin
A small blue bag
1 whole fresh or dried sage leaf
1 six inch length of silver ribbon

Place the coin and sage leaf in the blue bag. Tie the bag shut with the silver ribbon. Use the following chant to activate the amulet:

Silver and Sage, on this first day of the year,
Favor me always with wealth and good cheer.

Hang the charged amulet from the mirror in your car, or carry it to attract prosperity and happiness.

Celebrating Legends, Folklore & Spirituality 365 Days A Year – New Year’s Day

Happy New year
January 1

New Year’s Day

“Pray don’t ‘ee wash on New Year’s day,
or you’ll wash one of the family away.
Cast holy water all about,
and have a care no fire goes out.”
—Robert Herrick (1591 – 1674)
The New Year’s Gift

The first day of the New Year was sacred to Jupiter and Juno, the Roman equivalent of the Greek Zeus and Hera. This day also celebrated the power of Gamelia, the foruitous side, or aspect of Hera. All things that concern luck and love were overseen by Gamelia, especially marriages.

New Year’s Day has always been considered a time of omens and portents. It was (and still is) believed that everything you do on this day will influence your luck for the coming year. Nothing should be taken from the house this day—not even rubbish. If it is absolutely necessary to put anything out, be sure to bring something back in first, preferably a coin concealed outside the night before.