The Wicca Book of Days for Monday, November 23 – White Gold

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The Wicca Book of Days for Monday, November 23


White Gold


Rice is eaten daily by more than half the people on our planet. Now marked by a national holiday. November 23 is the traditional rice-harvest festival day in Japan. Celebrants dance and sing for the rice spirits and refrain from eating any of the harvested grain until the next day dawns. The life of St. Clement of Rome, the fourth pope, is marked on this day; he is patron of sick children and sailors, as well as marble- and iron-workers, and he symbolizes charity and humility.


Seven Chakras


The numerological significance of this date, whose digits add up to seven, give a resonance in the major religions: for Judeo-Christians, for example, seven represents the days of creation, while Muslim pilgrims circle Mecca seven times. Wiccans may embrace the cosmic power of this number through meditation, channeling energy through the seven chakras.



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Selena Eilidh Ash