Various Crystals and Their Healing Properties

Various Crystals and Their Healing Properties


There are many crystals which can be used in magical workings. This is a brief list of some well-known ones which you may like to use. The list also gives some of the correspondences that are most often used in healing spells in particular. This is because it is much easier to charge a crystal with healing energy as tangible evidence within the physical plane of an intent. Many people do not wish it to be known that they are using healing energy on behalf of others, and this is an easy way of doing so unobtrusively.


As you become more practiced in spell making, you will discover for yourself that certain crystals resonate for you more than others.


A member of the quartz family, it is a general healer, especially good for the self-esteem.


A crystalline quartz, it helps with creative thinking and is also a protector against blood diseases, grief, neuralgia and insomnia. It is said to deal with drunkenness.


A clear silicate, it is good for the eyes and helps against nerve, throat, liver, and stomach troubles.


A dark green quartz flecked with red jasper, bloodstone strengthens the will to do good.


A translucent red or orange, carnelian makes the voice strong and is helpful when dealing with rheumatism, depression and neuralgia.


A form of crystalline quartz, citrine may bring greater control over the emotions and help blood circulation.


This dark green precious stone is a silicate. It improves the intellect and memory and may also help with insomnia.



This is the name given to a group of gemstones of varying composition, ranging from a deep blood red through to orange. It protects against depression and helps with self-confidence and self-esteem.


Nephrite jade is a silicate with a green colour. It is beneficial when dealing with kidney complaints.


A mixed type of quartz that can occur in various colours. It improves the sense of smell and helps liver, kidney and epileptic problems.


A mixture of minerals having a deep blue colour, it often contains particles of ‘fool’s gold’. This is an ancient stone and is useful for heart and vascular conditions.



A silicate, this stone has a milky sheen, the best stones containing a blueish colour. Moonstone gives inspiration and enhances the emotions.


A type of agate often coloured jet-black and highly polished. It helps with concentration and is an important healing agent in certain ear diseases.


A hydrated silica, opal helps in lung conditions.


A colourless pure quartz, it is an important healing stone and helps improve intuitive powers.


A translucent quartz, this sparks the imagination and calms the emotions.


A precious stone, ruby is an oxide of aluminium coloured red by chromium. It improves mental ability.


The same composition as ruby but is usually a rich blue colour due to traces of iron and titanium. The stone of friendship and love, it gives devotion, faith and imagination.


An attractive crystalline which has a smoky grey to black colour, smoky quartz is used to give good luck.


A quartz mineral, tiger’s eye is worn for clearer thinking.


A complex silicate, tourmaline attracts inspiration, goodwill and friendship.


An opaque stone given blue-green colour by copper, turquoise is a good protector, and so is an ideal stone to give as a gift.