We talk all the time about candle magic, but since candles are such an important part of magical working, they deserve a special mention. They should be chosen carefully with regard to type, and colour, depending on the purpose of the spell. It is often better to use your intuition when choosing the type of candle, although for ease of reference, below is a list of the principal types. There are other types available, but these are the most suitable for magical working.


The most easily available candle, they are ideal for many of the spells in this book. They usually burn for between six to eight hours and do need to be properly seated in suitable candlesticks. All colours can be used, but they should not be dipped, except in exceptional circumstances, and should be of the best quality possible. It is sensible to keep a ready supply at hand.


This is a free-standing candle. It is usually in the shape of a simple pillar, although it can sometimes be made in other shapes which can be used as part of the spell, i.e. heart shapes for love spells. This type of candle is best burned on a flat holder since it usually takes some time to burn out.


Taper candles are tall and thin and need a particularly stable candle holder. They are either made in a mould, or by the traditional method of dipping a length of wick into hot molten white or coloured wax. For magical purposes they should be coloured all the way through. They can often be used when a quick result is required. Because they are quite fragile, you need to be careful not to break them when anointing them.



Tea lights are excellent for use when a candle must be left to burn out, but are less easy to anoint with essential oils. Poured in small metal pots like small votive, they are normally used in oil burners or specially made tea light holders. Depending on their size, they usually burn for approximately four hours.


Votive candles are specially designed as offerings to carry prayers to whichever deity you honour. As the wax melts, the holder, which is made of glass, can become hot so some care must be taken when using them. They are designed to be long burning, usually between one to seven days.