The Apathy and Altar Ego of our Kind

The Apathy and Altar Ego of our Kind

Author: ShadowDarkFyre

The question I find myself asking is “Why is it that our kind seems to be apathetic?” While many of us are enthusiastic in our apparent “renaissance”, just as many simply don’t believe, or find it hard to. This is a quandary I find I face every day as I look upon the world today. And that’s honestly not the only problem I see in the community these days.

For more than sixteen years I’ve been what I term “magickfolk”. During eight of those years I’ve been active, working through the Domain and Realms. Some of you have been here with me just as long or longer. And even if you haven’t, I know you see what I see sometimes. We’re in an odd time. And in this odd time, it seems, there are groups of us who are cliquish. Some are even xenophobic. And those of us who donnae’ belong to a group are afraid to because of how we were treated in the past… even though the groups they hoped for are just there within reach.

The sad thing is that we seem to be dooming ourselves to being alone in our community. There are groups who are elitist, others who are cliquish and still others who take the nature of what we are and get it severely backwards, causing more harm than good. This is an ugly truth, but a truth all the same.

We should be able to believe enough in our collective selves to stand against this tide of apathy and loss of hope and belief. We are magickfolk. We come from the impossible. We are the impossible. This should be nothing for us.

Yet we shoot ourselves in the proverbial collective foot. And we keep doing that when we keep being judgmental of each other. Case in point: I just finished reading an article by one Bronwen Forbes titled How Pagan Is Pagan Enough? That is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Frankly, it saddens me. We should know better.

To those of you groups who make it that difficult for the rest of us to connect and come together, here’s a thought: Lower your nose a couple miles.

A Christian rock band by the name of Petra that did a song called Altar Ego. One lyric goes, “And you look both ways before you pray, just to see who’s watching you today.” As a Christian Mystick (another story for another time, folks; suffice it to say, I’m magickfolk) , I’m used to seeing this rather counterproductive attitude among those of the Religious Right. What I’m not used to is seeing it among us. We’re supposed to be an example of being better and more open than this. Like many of us who see this, I have to ask:

What is wrong with us?

This community is not served by attitudes of elitism and cliquishness. It only harms us. Instead of being picky, or worrying about whether or not one’s attire fits your idea of what is pagan or magickal enough, take the risk and the burn of time to open your doors and your hearts to help teach and educate those of our community. And to realize that it’s not what you wear or look like that determines how magickal you are, but what you hold in your heart and carry in your soul.

We’ve been hiding behind doors for too long. This attitude I hear of and see evidence of isn’t helping us as a whole. All it’s doing is hurting us.

For those of you who have worked for years to help knit the magickal community together, I applaud you, for I know from experience it isn’t easy. Don’t give up hope in finding our own and reaching out to them. Don’t give up hope in helping to make our community stronger, and in bringing people together who want and need this community.

They’re out there. It just takes patience and faith. And as spread out as we are as a movement/community, they’re alone without those of our kind out there to show them the way. When they find us, it’s a relief to them that they’re not alone. So don’t close your doors ever. Don’t ever turn out the light at the door or in the window. They need to find their ways home, and we have to be their candlebrights in the window. Keep your lanterns on.

To those of you who are seeking: We’re out there. We’re here. Whether it’s the Domain, or others like Circle Sanctuary, or the local community that orbits around your nearest metaphysical/magick shop. I know it’s hard to believe that you’re not alone, or that you won’t always be turned away. It’s hard to believe. It’s hard to hold on. But you’re not alone.

Just walk a little farther, look around another corner, and step through another door. You’ll find us. Like Motel 6, we’ll always keep the lights on for you. Don’t give up. You’re not lost. You’re almost home.

We’re a community, ladies and gentlemen. A unique community. Whether we be mysticks, Christians alternates, druids, Pagans, witches, Wiccans, Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists, spiritualists, or any number of those who have mixed beliefs, what we have in common is our belief in magick, mysticism, and the spirit, however we might perceive it.

Again: We. Are. A Community. Perhaps we should start acting like it a little more, and not think so much on that which doesnae’ matter. As Misty-Eve of A Word To The Wise would say, … “it’s something to think about.”

As we say among my fellow Domani, I wish you Good Dreaming and Blessed Be.



Bronwen Forbes – “How Pagan Is Pagan Enough?”

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