Well, here it is in a Nutshell….


Just in case you haven’t noticed, we have been running extremely slow. The internet has been coming and going like crazy. I am about ready to drive to the phone company and shake the crap out of someone but every time it rains this happens. I did call them and they are sending a man out here to fix the problem. You know it is funny, when we were in our original building we had a horrible time with the internet. But since we have found a temporary place to operate from, the internet sucks here too. I guess it is the whole county having lousy internet service.


Anyway, the jokers, I mean repairmen have finally arrived and of course they will have to disconnect the internet to work on it. I figured while we were off the net, some of the ladies would type up some information about fire witches. Then when they get the internet back on-line, we will have that requested information for you.


Just wanted to let you know what was going on. Got to run, the repairman is giving me nasty looks.

See you in a little bit, I hope,

Love ya,

Lady A

3 thoughts on “Well, here it is in a Nutshell….

  1. Lol, I spent two hours today on the phone with our cable provider, trying to fix an internet problem, then got disconnected, then the TV, went down plus the phone, so tonight after waiting all day to hear something, I called , and released the fury, the internet problem got fixed, the TV, is working, and the house phone is working, and they will be sending a tech, out to check everything , bring new boxes, plus I was told to call in the morning to be refunded for services lost and the days we were unable to use our services…I wish you good luck…Oh yea, they love to blame it on the weather, today they blamed the wind….


    1. Nancy, by any chance are we neighbors, lol? We had Comcast and dropped them because they were way too high. So we went with a local telephone Co-op that offers internet service. We had tried them once before and it was horrible. But we were reassured this time, they had fiber optic and it was suppose to be fantastic. Yeah, right! I signed us up for the fastest internet service they had available. We were suppose to be getting 50 megabytes, again HA! I got so mad and upset I called one night and the man gave me the speedtest addy they use. I checked it and we were getting 8, long way from 50. They came out the next day, the serviceman and I had an argument. He told me he was pulling 62 megs. Of course the idoit was plugged directly into the cable box. I told him to unplug it and then see. He did and he came up with 4 megs. That is just one example, they have been out here more times than I can remember. I bought us a new router and the dummy repairman told me, he didn’t know a thing about it. Hmm, and you are suppose to be a tech expert. We have all made up our mind, that these people pretend to know about technology. But the technology they have is so far advance for them, they don’t know a darn thing about it. You mentioned refund, the main guy told us the same thing. You know what we got off on our bill $15.00, that’s it. I think our time and aggravation is worth more than $15.00. But my friend who works there told me I was the first person ever to get any money off their bill. I wish we had an alternative out here, I would jump on it in a heartbeat.

      I appreciate you wishing us luck, I think we are going to need it.


  2. It’s not just your county that y he inter net ducks in. Winter is coming and with it snow and ice; I can’t wait to be in the middle of a post and have it go down…she says with dripping sarcasm. Good luck Lady A & WOTC staff!!


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