Aspects of the Moon in Capricorn


Aspects of the Moon in Capricorn


General: Building, rules and regulations, discipline (this could be depressing), career matters, ambition, determination, spiritual matters, structure, self-discipline, sincerity and organisation.

Watch out for pessimism, anxiety, feelings of failure and self-pity.

New Moon: Authority, schools, savings, justice, promotion, order, self-discipline and sciences.

Full Moon: Home, school and magical restructuring.

Element: Earth

Colours: Black, dark green, dark blue, indigo

Incense: Myrrh, rosemary, tarragon, caraway, chamomile, mullein, patchouli, comfrey, Solomon’s seal, marjoram.

Capricorn Incense Blend: Equal parts of myrrh, rosemary and marjoram with a few drops of patchouli oil.



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Rachel Patterson