Wit from the World Wide Web: “Top 10 Reasons Why Athames Are Black”


Wit from the World Wide Web:
“Top 10 Reasons Why Athames Are Black”


10. So they’ll go with any color of robe.

9. So you can cover up nicks and scratches with shoe polish.

8. It’s slimming. (Can’t have fat athames, can we?)

7. It doesn’t show dirt.

6. Because finding a dropped athame in an outdoor ritual in the dark is a test of loyalty to your faith.

5. It’s so much more dignified than chartreuse.

4. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

3. Someone spilled all the paints together, and that’s what ended up.

2. No, no! Black is for winter rituals-use white before Labor Day!

1. So that we’d have something to argue about other than how athame is pronounced!



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