WOTC Extra – An Earth Elemental Spell – A Spell to Attract Prosperity

An Earth Elemental Spell

A Spell to Attract Prosperity



This spell requires a handful of very rich soil. If all else fails, you can usually find organic soil at garden supply shops, but this will work better if you can find some in nature (lakes and rivers often have great organic silt).

To cast it, you will spread the soil in a thin layer over a surface that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Lay your hand on the dirt, and begin sensing the life-giving energy within it. As you do this, start to pour your own energy into it, and visualize your energy forming itself into a tiny sphere, buried within the dirt. As you continue to add energy to it, feel the earth elemental energy combine with your own. Next, visualize your sphere of energy beginning to open up, like a seed that is germinating. Continue adding energy as you visualize the seed growing into stalks, and then into a full plant formed out of your energy.

Finally watch the plant continue to age, blossom, and bear fruit. As you do this, fill your energy with the intent that this spell create circumstances that allow you to grow, flourish and reap the fruits of your efforts, just as your energy is representing. As a final step, visualize yourself picking the fruit from the plant, and swallowing it. Leave the dirt in place overnight before removing it and cleaning up.



Elemental Magick: A Guide to Harnessing the Magickal Powers of the Elements (The Ultimate Guide to Magick Book 3)

Ralph Eicher