Tools of the Craft

Tools of the Craft

Tools are visual, symbolic aids that posses no power of their own…whatsoever. If you feel no desire to have some, or any tools that are mentioned, don’t get them. For many years, the only tool I used was a candle, and sometimes a pen and paper to write something down to burn. They were just as effective as the ones I do with tools.

How can you do a ritual or spell with no tools? It’s quite simple, by using your personal power. How meaningful, powerful, and effective any ritual or spell is depends entirely on how much energy YOU put into it. Your personal power is the single most important, and only necessary tool you need. Many who are just starting out feel that they have to rush around going bankrupt to get every fancy looking tool they see in order to perform a ritual. They feel that it can’t be done without them or that the tools themselves contain the energy they need. This is simply not true.

The tools you have should be chosen because you are drawn to them or feel that they will enhance your rituals. They are used as vessels to direct YOUR energy. Something to remember when you begin collecting your tools is that they don’t have to be expensive. An athame can be a black handled common kitchen knife (my 1st was a letter opener). Your pentacle can be drawn on a piece of paper like mine is, or carved in wood or clay. I’ve purposely included photos of tools that are bought or made as well as substitutes of all my tools. I did so to show that you shouldn’t feel obligated to have to purchase fancy, expensive ones. I’m an artist/photographer (among other things), and artists are very visual people. It would seem that while I’ve been at this for over 25 years…I need the visual tools or I wouldn’t have bought, found, like the squirrel tail around the top right hand corner of my crowded altar, or been given most of them. They help me, but that doesn’t mean they’ll help you. Only get, or take home from the earth, what (if anything) calls to you. And if you take something from the earth, do something to give thanks. It could be a peanut, water or even a penny for the fairy folk.

Once you have chosen a tool to use for rituals, it should be cleansed and consecrated. Consecration is the act of performing a small ritual in which you declare it as your tool for magickal purposes. After this is done, it should NEVER be used for other purposes. If you use your athame to do a ritual, and then go butter your toast with it, it no longer carries any meaning. Although the tools posses no power of their own, they do carry a special symbolic meaning and your energy. After consecration, they have a purpose and therefor should be only be used for that purpose alone.

There is one tool in The Craft that surpasses all others. Every other tool, no matter how expensive, will be useless with out it. When it comes right down to’s the only tool you need. That tool is YOUR personal power. To enhance your personal power, you need to exercise it. Practice meditation and visualization techniques, and be able to ground and center yourself. No ritual or spell will ever be successful with out personal power, and you can’t gain any without practicing these methods to be able to have control of your thoughts, and crystal clear visualization which is a MANDATORY aspect of any spell or ritual. Don’t make light of the enormous importance of practicing the techniques of meditation, and visualization, on a regular basis.

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