The Witches Magick for October 10th – Candle Protection Spell


Candle Protection Spell

Items You Will Need:

One dark blue candle
Patchouli oil
Pine or sandalwood incense

Anoint the candle with the patchouli oil as you chant:

Candle of protection, power and might,
Protect me from evil with your pure light.

Light the candle and the incense. Anoint your forehead with the patchouli oil. Sprinkle some of the sale and water around the candle. Visualize all negative thoughts and vibrations fading away as you chant:

Let all of the elements now combine,
To protect my heart and my mind.
Let darkness and evil now fade away,
So that only good shall come my way.

Leave the candle to completely burn out. Repeat when necessary.