~Old Time Castile Soap Shampoo~

~Old Time Castile Soap Shampoo~

This shampoo method works best only when using re-batched Kirk’s Soap. I use nothing but Kirk’s soap due to its gentle nature, nice fragrance and the ability to re-batch it once you’ve used all of it. This recipe works best, when you have used the bar of soap down to where it is starting to break or it has broken. Here is a more detailed version of the above recipe for re-batching/liquefying it. Cut it up into small pieces into a stovetop safe pot, turn the burner on medium-low (you’ll better be able to see what temperature you need it at, once you start cooking…have it too high and it will burn) and add enough water to make it a liquid.

Though it is soap, you don’t really want it to be soupy, so don’t add too much water. Just add slowly, until the mixture is a nice consistency.

Stir, stir, stir. Yes, you will need to stir it. I would suggest using a wooden spoon, if you have one. If not, just use something sturdy. This may take a while…patience, patience, patience. Once you have it the consistency you like, allow it to cool a bit and then pour it in a bottle and seal it up. It should remain liquid (if you added enough water) for as long as you use it. However, I would advise giving it a good shake before each use.