Something To Think About & I Want Your Input, Please!

You can tell you are growing when you have request to branch out. We have had such a request. I have had such a request. It is for us to start a prison ministry. I have received several letters from inmates all over the U. S.,  requesting that we do so. Some request old books of ours that we are through with. One inmate I received a letter from told me he can’t get any Pagan material in his prison. The latest book he has read is “A Witch’s Notebook,” by RavenWolf. Then there are others who want just penpals. Someone knowledgeable in the Craft that they could ask questions (sort of act like a teacher). Then I have others who want us to put out a monthly bulletin. I would love to do this but our budget does not let us do so right now.


It is up to you if we go through with this idea. If we are in agreement on going ahead with this project, I will put up a page called “Prison Ministry.” On this page, I will list the inmates and what they have requested. If you can meet that need then you will let me know and I will strike that inmate out. I give you my word as a Witch, I will never let any of your private information available to anyone. I know that these inmates have committed crimes or else they wouldn’t be in prison.


There are several old quotes I could use at this time but I won’t. I will confess that I wasn’t really keen on this idea to start with. Then the Goddess spoke to me. “Did I not realize how great Her Love it.”  Was I not the one that insists on spreading our Religion? This avenue has now opened for you and you aren’t going to take it? These inmates are crying out for information on Paganism. There is no one to answer their pleas.


I have always said this is your site, I am just the caretaker. Now it is up to you, do we start this Prison Ministry or not? If we start it, it will be something that grows and grows. Are you ready to make a commitment to stick to this Ministry for the long  haul?



3 thoughts on “Something To Think About & I Want Your Input, Please!

  1. I wouldn’t feel comfortable interacting with someone who is in prison either, there’s a good reason why they’re in there. Instead, why not help people who are poor and have an interest in learning about The Craft but don’t have the means to buy books or have access to information? I’m a great believer in Karma and helping someone who is really in need makes more sense to me than aiding someone who has committed crimes against his fellow man and who could potentially use what they learn to do more harm. Let’s not forget that where there is light there is also dark.


  2. I want to imput on this. I work in a prison for adult men and as for as them wanting penpals is a bad idea. Reason is they are looking to get close to you so that you will send them money every month. The reading materials only a few will appreciate it the rest in the group will steal the materials sent by you and not share with other. I gave my prison $300 worth of books and all were stolen by inmates and the ones that needed them never got to look at them. I even think the Chaplin throw some away as we’ll. pamphlet I think is ok as long it doesn’t cost you that much but books that are pricy is something I think you should think hard about. Please do not becomes pen pals with these men, they are in it for their personal gain.


  3. Interacting overmuch with anyone doing time makes me uncomfortable, and I think it’s only fair for me to admit that up front. I’m not entirely sure I have books available that I’m not done with yet. I’m also on a pretty tight budget. I have no idea *how* I could help out, but I do think that Pagans (of all stripes) deserve prison ministry just as much as any other religious group.


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