How About A Quick Quiz – How Stressed Out Are You?

How Stressed Are You?

by Cait Johnson

Recently, a friend said she had been feeling unaccountably drained and on  edge. As we talked, she admitted she was in the midst of a battle with her  husband over something their son had done, was feeling overwhelmed at work, and  was deeply angry about an unkind remark a co-worker had said to her. All of  these are big stressors: no wonder she was tired!

See where you rate on the stress scale. If your stress levels are high, this  book can help you find greater self-awareness around what needs to change in  order to bring more ease to your life.

There are no right or wrong answers. Rather, use your answers to gain a  deeper understanding of where you are not able to cope and what areas in your  life need attention and consideration, and then find a way to express your  feelings and needs. Changing your relationship to stress means changing yourself  from the inside.

About Your Work

1. Do you feel you have too much to  do?

2. Do you often work overtime?

3. Do you believe you are capable of  what is being asked of you?

4. Do you enjoy what you do?

5. Does your  work environment feel depressing? Sad? Loud? Pressured?

6. How do you feel  about your colleagues? Intimidated? Angry? Jealous?

7. Do you feel  unfulfilled? Unacknowledged? Unrecognized?

8. Would you rather be doing  something different?

About Your Family

1. Have you recently experienced a  death or loss in the family?

2. Have you recently been married, separated,  or divorced?

3. Has anyone in your family recently experienced a  particularly difficult time, such as mental illness or trouble with the  police?

4. Is anyone ill or in need of your care? And do you resent  this?

5. Do your parents worry you a great deal?

6. Do you feel unable  to share any of these difficulties?

About Your Relationships

1. If your primary relationship  is not a happy one, do you believe you have to stick it out regardless of your  feelings?

2. Do you disagree about money? The children? Your lifestyle  preferences?

3. Do you have sexual difficulties or differences?

4. Do  you feel unable to stand up for yourself?

5. Did you grow up watching your  parents have difficulties, either fighting or ignoring each other?

6. Do you  find it difficult to be committed to a relationship?

7. Do you have anyone  you can talk to?

About Yourself 1. Do you believe, or have you been told,  that you are no good, hopeless, worthless, or incapable? 2. Do you get  irritated or annoyed easily? 3. Do you always seem to be rushing from one  thing to another without being able to complete anything? 4. Do you have an  addiction of any sort? 5. Do you feel trapped and powerless to change  anything? 6. Do you panic easily or feel anxious about the future? 7. Do  you talk to anyone about your feelings? 8. Do you feel shameful about  something you have done? 9. Are you angry about something that was done to  you?

About Your Health 1. Do you get tired or run down  easily? 2. Do you get any regular exercise? 3. Do you eat while doing  other things, such as working, watching TV, reading the paper, or feeding the  children? 4. Is television, alcohol, or food your main means of  relaxation? 5. Do you have deep muscular aches and pains? 6. Do you  drink more than two cups of coffee a day? 7. Do you spend any part of the  day being quiet and reflective?

If your answers showed high levels of stress, forgive yourself! We live in  stressful times. But meditation, prayer, yoga, and other time-honored methods of  stress-relief might be helpful to you. Even a warm bath or a soothing foot-rub  could make a positive difference.