Clearing, Cleansing & Setting Protection

Clearing, Cleansing & Setting Protection


You can easily add tools and elements to this process. Here’s a few examples.

You can use a white candle to help you focus the creation of light within your being. Imagine your spiritual essence, lighting a flame in your solar plexus. This is your divine light, the spirit within you that will provide the energy to the wick of your candle and the work ahead. When you take in the first deep breath, imagine the white light coming from the flame and collecting at your solar plexus.

If you’re conducting this exercise specifically to perform a clearing and cleansing of energies, you might want to add a step that specifically focuses on the negative energies you’re trying to get rid of. You’ll need pen, paper and a fire bowl (a bowl that you can place the paper in and burn).

Take a piece of paper and write down the issues you’re trying to release or push out. Make an itemized list giving it as much detail as you feel you need to or have time for.

Conduct the above process for clearing, cleansing and setting protection.

Open your eyes and take the paper with your written items. Fold the paper and imagine these things having no affect or impact on you ever again. Set the paper on fire and put it in the fire bowl. Make sure you’re taking precautions so that the paper is the only thing that’s going to burn. Safety first! You might keep a glass of water handy just in case an accident occurs.

As the smoke rises from the paper, see the issues you wrote down losing all energy and all importance as it floats out into the universe. Never able to do harm to you again.

You can also place your ritual into a talisman that you want to wear for protection. For this, pick the item you want to use as a talisman or amulet. Hold it in your right hands as you go through each step. See the item as being part of you and your being. It’s going through every step of this process with you. This is a quick and easy way to program the item to hold this entire process. When you’ve completed setting the protection say an additional little prayer to the GreatSpirits stating the purpose of the talisman. Something as simple as saying, this talisman now holds my the ability to clear and cleansing my mind/body/spirit from harmful energies and quickly set a shield of protection whenever called upon. Then imagine a shield of gold being set around the talisman as well. As if you’re locking the entire process inside it. When ever you feel you need some help for protection or to fight against someone who might be yelling at you for instance, just hold your talisman and call upon it’s energies to help you. You might even add a command to activate the item, something like “protect me now” is simple and to the point. But if you do this, remember you have to also program that into your steps before you lock the item.