Theory of Spellcasting

Theory of Spellcasting

Spells are an important aspect of magical training. They require the
use of the combined faculties of relaxation, visualization,
concentration and projection. The casting of spells provides practice
in coordinating these skills and developing them further. Spells are
extremely sophisticated psychological tools that have subtle, but
important, effects on a person’s inner growth. Spells may highlight
otherwise hidden complexes of the person casting the spell.
A person who has conflicts about success will find great difficulty
in concentrating on a money spell, for example. Many times the
practical results of a spell are far less important than the
psychological insights that arise during the magical work, for
discovering our inner blocks and fears is the first step in
overcoming them. Spells also go one step further than most forms of
psychotherapy, in that they allow us not only to listen to and
interpret the unconscious, but also to speak to it in the language it
Symbols, images, and objects used in spells communicate directly with
Younger Self, who is the guardian of our emotions and who is barely
affected by the intellect. We often understand our feelings and
behavior but find ourselves unable to change them, but through
spells, we can attain the most important power – the power to change
our lives.
Spellcasting also forces us to come to terms with the material world.
Many people attracted to the spiritual path of the Craft find
themselves uneasy with using magic for practical or material goals.
Somehow it seems wrong to work magic for oneself, to want things and
to get things. This is an attitude which is a holdover of the Judeo-
Christian world view that sees spirit and matter as separate and that
identifies matter with evil and corruption.
In the Craft, flesh, the material world, none of what is commonly
thought of as matter is separate from spirit. The universe is made up
of the Goddess who is manifest in all things. Union with the Goddess
comes through embracing the material world and all the gifts that She
has placed in it for us. Our major task on this plane of existence is
to become masters of this realm of manifestation. We do not fight
self-interest; we follow it, but with an awareness that transmutes it
into something sacred

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