The Life of The Witch: A Green Man State of Mind

A Green Man State of Mind

One of the most well-known and widespread Pagan God images is the Green Man, also known as Jack-in-the-Green or The Man in the Oak. Let’s talk about ways to bring the spirit of Green Man into your life to help enhance growth, prosperity and abundance.

Deep down, I think humans understand that our personal abundance and prosperity depends on the fruitfulness of the earth. Even these days when we’ve covered half the earth with concrete, this truth still holds true. That must be why the foliate Green Man has been so prevalent through time as an ornament and even was carried over into church décor in medieval churches — because deep down, we know we need him, no matter what.

Green Man is a generous spirit. When working with him, showing generosity of your own will get his attention and bring his spirit into your life. Obviously, Green Man also is more likely to be joyous to share energy with people who care for the environment; he’s about growth, renewal and life. If you’re going to be working magick with Green Man, don’t be chucking your fast-food trash out your car window. Anything that you can do for the environment — even something small — will help to show the spirit of Green Man that you’re genuine and will help get your energies aligned with the energies of the green earth. Get a stainless steel water bottle to replaced your bottled water. How about offering your favorite tree some fertilizer? Respect for all living things is another great way to connect with this leafy spirit — catch a spider and release it outside instead of squashing it.

While at the garden center, if you see a potted plant knocked over, pick it up and scoop the soil back into the pot. Try donating your old clothese instead of throwing them away. You get the idea Generosity toward others and the environment are the kinds of things that Green Man smiles upon.

Now you are working in alignment with Green Man energy, and you’re ready to start working with him magickally to bring prosperity, abundance, and renewal into your life.


Excerpt from

The Green Man: Spirit of Abundance

By Mickie Mueller

Llewellyn’s 2012 Magical Almanac