The Wicca Book of Days for Aug. 27 – Sardonyx & Peridot

The Wicca Book of Days for Aug. 27

Sardonyx & Peridot


Two gemstones are traditionally identified as being August’s birthstones. One is sardonyx, a form of chalcedony that exhibits white stripes separating larger, orangey-brown bands. Sardonyx is said to impart self-control and vivaciousness to its wearer, which may be why it is said to ensure a happy marriage. The other crystal is the yellowy-green Peridot, which is reputed to be a bringer of success. It is credited with the power to forge friendships, to replace feelings of nervousness with a positive and confident outlook, and to increase physical strength.

Sky Salutations

Honor Nut, the Egyptian Sky Goddess in your rituals on this her birthday. When Nut and her twin, Geb, the Earth God were born locked together, they had to be pried apart by their father the Air Deity Shu, causing Nut’s arched body to become the celestial vault.