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How About Reversing A Spell With Water

The water method of reversing a spell is particularly effective for spells which were originally cast with water, or spells geared to affect the emotions. This method is an excellent way to rid yourself of love spells in any of their many forms. You should perform the spell yourself if you have been the victim. If you want to help others to reverse a spell, remember that the spell should be reversed by the actual victim.

Fill a small bottle with water. You can use a baby food jar, or ajar of similar size. Place at least a dozen straight pins in the bottle. Cap the bottle tightly and place it over a fire. The bottle may be placed on the kitchen stove. The bottle is heated until it explodes, which casts the pins all over the room. The pins and the broken glass should be cleaned up and placed in the garbage. Remove the garbage from the house immediately. The clean-up must be done as soon as possible after the bottle explodes.

The purpose of this spell is to disturb the negative influences of the water element that are present in the home of the victim. This spell reverses any negative work, and attempts to restore balance to the “water element” presence in the victim’s home. This is a very effective spell, and has been taught by practitioners of three different practices.

The bottle used may be of any size, although a baby food jar or a small jam jar is probably best suited for the spell because this type of jar only holds a few ounces of liquid. Ordinary tap water is used in the spell, and the steel pins used by dressmakers are fine. They should be placed loose in the bottle, after the water has been added to the bottle. You can use as many pins as you like, but you should use at least a dozen.

Heat the bottle when no one is in the room. It’s very important that no one should be in the room when the bottle explodes, for one may be hurt by the flying glass or pins. The smaller the bottle, the faster it will heat, another reason for using a small jar. When the bottle is hot enough it will explode, strewing the pins and broken glass, as well as water, all over the room. The purpose of immediately cleaning up the mess is to remove the influence of the spell immediately. Once the influence is out of the house it is very difficult for the person who did the work to re-establish the connection to the home.

This process of reversing a spell might seem extreme. But remember desperate times sometimes require desperate actions

The Life of The Witch: A Green Man State of Mind

A Green Man State of Mind

One of the most well-known and widespread Pagan God images is the Green Man, also known as Jack-in-the-Green or The Man in the Oak. Let’s talk about ways to bring the spirit of Green Man into your life to help enhance growth, prosperity and abundance.

Deep down, I think humans understand that our personal abundance and prosperity depends on the fruitfulness of the earth. Even these days when we’ve covered half the earth with concrete, this truth still holds true. That must be why the foliate Green Man has been so prevalent through time as an ornament and even was carried over into church décor in medieval churches — because deep down, we know we need him, no matter what.

Green Man is a generous spirit. When working with him, showing generosity of your own will get his attention and bring his spirit into your life. Obviously, Green Man also is more likely to be joyous to share energy with people who care for the environment; he’s about growth, renewal and life. If you’re going to be working magick with Green Man, don’t be chucking your fast-food trash out your car window. Anything that you can do for the environment — even something small — will help to show the spirit of Green Man that you’re genuine and will help get your energies aligned with the energies of the green earth. Get a stainless steel water bottle to replaced your bottled water. How about offering your favorite tree some fertilizer? Respect for all living things is another great way to connect with this leafy spirit — catch a spider and release it outside instead of squashing it.

While at the garden center, if you see a potted plant knocked over, pick it up and scoop the soil back into the pot. Try donating your old clothese instead of throwing them away. You get the idea Generosity toward others and the environment are the kinds of things that Green Man smiles upon.

Now you are working in alignment with Green Man energy, and you’re ready to start working with him magickally to bring prosperity, abundance, and renewal into your life.


Excerpt from

The Green Man: Spirit of Abundance

By Mickie Mueller

Llewellyn’s 2012 Magical Almanac


10 Ways to Get Plastic Out of Your Kitchen

10 Ways to Get Plastic Out of Your Kitchen

  • Becky Striepe

Earth day is right around the corner–what better time to take a hard look at your plastic consumption?

Plastics seem to invade every aspect of our lives, and the kitchen is no exception. From cooking to storage to packing food for on the go, there are places that we can ditch the plastic in favor of safer, more Earth-friendly materials. This Earth Day, take some time to inventory the plastic in your kitchen and see if your kitchen can go plastic free. What a great way to make your Earth day action last the whole year!

Plastic is no good for the planet, and it’s no good for people, either. Plastic pollution is a serious environmental problem. It pollutes our waterways, causing ocean dead zones and killing countless numbers of aquatic life. You don’t want plastic coming in contact with your food, either, especially hot or acidic foods. Plastic cooking utensils and food storage containers can leach toxins into the food that it touches. No, thank you!

Luckily, there are lots of simple ways to get plastic out of your cooking processes. One word of caution: if you’re getting rid of plastic that you already have, like ladels or tupperware, see if you can come up with crafty or creative ways to reuse them elsewhere, rather than sending them to the landfill. That plastic still exists, even if it’s not in your home!

Ready to ditch the plastic in your kitchen? Here are 10 tips to get you going!

1. Store your food in glass or metal. Instead of plastic Tupperware containers, chose metal or glass food storage. Glass Mason jars are great for storing bulk items like beans, grains, and nuts. You can also check retailers like The Container Store. I’ve seen some great glass and metal food storage options there.

2. No more baggies! When you’re packing lunch, choose reusable glass or metal containers instead of plastic baggies or plastic Tupperware containers.

3. Choose reusable. You don’t need plastic forks and spoons in your lunchbox! Grab metal utensils from your own utensil drawer instead.

4. Get rid of plastic cooking utensils. Ditch the plastic tools like spatulas and serving spoons in favor of metal ones.

5. Skip the processed food and produce in plastic bags. Processed food almost always means disposable plastic packaging, so choose whole foods wherever you can. When you’re hitting the produce section, don’t buy fruits and veggies in plastic wrap or those plastic mesh bags.

6. Forget bottled water. Chances are you already don’t buy bottled water, but just in case there are any hold outs out there, this is a no-brainer. Bottled water is expensive and the plastic bottles are unhealthy. Choose filtered tap water in a reusable glass or BPA free metal bottle instead.

7. Bring your own bag to the grocery store. You probably also already have reusable grocery bags, but what about when you’re in the bulk or produce aisle? Skip the single-use plastic bags in favor of reusable produce bags instead.

8. Buy dishwasher detergent that comes in a cardboard box. Dishwasher detergent often comes in a plastic container. Skip the plastic and opt for the powdered stuff in a cardboard box. Even better? Make your own dishwasher detergent!

9. Make your own dish soap. No need to buy dish soap in a plastic bottle, either. You can make your own dish soap at home! I know, the Dr. Bronner’s in this recipe comes in a plastic bottle, but many co-ops offer bulk refills of Dr. Bronner’s, so at least you only have to buy the one bottle. If anyone has suggestions for getting around this one, I’d love to hear them!

10. Skip the nonstick. Did you know that the nonstick coating on pots and pans is actually plastic? Instead of nonstick, choose cast iron or stainless steel so you can cook plastic free!