Spell A Day – Earth Energy Spell

Spell A Day – Earth Energy Spell

Here’s an exercise to do when you have low energy. It is especially effective for when you are away from home. Sit in a chair, with  your feet flat on the floor and your hands flat on your thighs. Become aware that below your feet, if you go deep enough, no matter where you are, is the  earth. Feel the energy coming up from the earth, up through your feet and legs into your body. Feel the energy travel up through your hands and arms, and up  to your head. Let the energy go out through the top of your head. Feel the energy fall back to earth like the rain, and move through the earth back up  through your legs in a endless cycle or loop. Let the energy flow for a little while until you begin to feel restored, then focus your attention  elsewhere.
By: Magenta Griffith,
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