To cast a sepll you have to follow the basic ritual structure.

Preparing the Altar.(nothing too elaborate, just a few of your favorite tools). Lighting the candles.

Cleansing the area.

Casting the circle.

Invoking the elements.

Invoking the Deities.

Stating the Purpose of the ritual.

Magickal workings or devotions.

Raising the Energy. Releasing the Energy.


Thanking the Deities.

Thanking the elements.

Closing(or sometimes called opening) the circle.

Cakes and ale.

At the magick working section, you have to use your spell. In this spell you have to use the correspondences to make a good ritual. You have to use the correct herbs, essential oils, foods, trees, flowers, crystals, colours, days, time, planetary hour, zodiac hour. Look along them to see which fits in to what you want, let’s say protection:

Herbs – These can be used in a spell around a candle and then put in a silk bag (of appropriate colour) and carried around as a charm bag. They add energy to the spell.

Essential Oils – These can be annointed on the candle or charm bag, made later

Foods – These can be eaten after the ritual, and for a week after, or until you don’t need the spell anymore, to help you feel more protected.

Trees – These can be used in a wand, or in a talisman, as a writing tablet, where you inscribe symbols, numbers and words. They can also be placed into the charm bag.

Flowers – These can be planted around your house and picked for the spell. The flowers will also act as a protective barrier and as a home for fae, who will help too.

Crystals – These can be used in the spell and afterwards placed in the charm bag. You can make protective patterns from many crystals and that will help protect too.

Days, Times, Planetary Hours, Zodiac Hours – These are used for the right moon phase, sun phase, zodiac house etc. to help achieve the goal. When used in conjunction, all in the right way, there is a particular influece in that time which will help the spell to travel, and for you to concentrate.


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