Your Daily General Horoscopes for June 7th


During yesterday’s very rare Venus eclipse the planet of love crossed over the face of the Sun in your communication sector, revealing all the feelings and words your heart needs to express. With Mercury, planet of communication leaving your communication sector today, but not before helping you to find your voice, do what you can to ensure that the communication lines remain open, with a new sense of authenticity possible.


Just a day after the Sun and Venus aligned to form a very rare Venus eclipse in your income sector Mercury moves on, leaving you with the smart head for money that allows you to manage what has been a dramatic few days on the money front. Having had a lunar eclipse in your financial sector and a Venus eclipse in your income sector within 2 days of each other has brought most things to a head.


Having the Moon in your financial sector as Mercury returns to your income sector is giving you both an advantage and a disadvantage. On one hand this ensures that your financial instincts are sharp as a smart head for money kicks in, but this also puts them in opposition, creating some financial tension. Yet even then this creates some timely wake up calls, as your income situation gets its first planetary support for the year.


Even though there is a lot of internal focus at the moment, with an abundance of planetary forces in an internally focused part of your chart, this has created an opportunity for some inner discovery that could be life changing. With Jupiter, planet of luck getting involved next week, this isn’t something you should fight and should instead embrace it, especially as this gives you a chance to transform your world from the inside out.


The Moon has returned to your work sector for one last visit before Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion leaves your career sector in just 5 days time. When Jupiter leaves your career sector next week Pluto, in retrograde motion in your work sector, will be the only planet active on the professional front, with the Moon giving you a chance today to tap into the very forces that will keep your professional year on track. Trust your hunches and your professional instincts.


When Venus travelled across the face of the Sun in your career sector yesterday, in a rare Venus eclipse, it put your professional desires and reality on the same page, allowing you to see what you want, where things stand and what’s possible. With Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion just 6 days away from your career sector, you’re starting to wake up to the fact that things have changed and the roll that you’re now on.


Hold onto a sense of adventure, a sense of curiosity and an awareness of how many options life has, for despite the fact that new doors are about to open on the career front and life does go on, this feeling is here to stay. Something has shifted and it’s no longer okay to simply go through the motions, with the more you wake up to what you’ve been missing out on, the less willing you’ll be to remain sitting on life’s sidelines.


Over the last few days you’ve experienced a lunar eclipse in your income sector and an even rarer Venus eclipse in your financial sector, bringing all sides of your money game to a head. As Mercury wraps up his short visit to your financial sector he’s working to leave you with the smart head for money needed to work with the financial forces this has unleashed. While the stars incline they don’t control, with a need to take your power back.


It’s clear that the relationship forces in play are not only evolving but that there are some real shifts taking place. Just 3 days ago a lunar eclipse brought some real wake up calls while a Venus eclipse yesterday saw the planet of love step in and take control. With even more shifts ahead, but with the planet of luck about to get involved, there’s a need to trust that the love gods are on your side. What is essential is having the communication lines open.


All of a sudden things have become a lot clearer on the work front, as you start to realise just how many options you have. It’s in his final hours in your work sector that Mercury is giving you the intellectual savvy to make some smart choices, decisions and plans and to work smarter. This is very much an evolving situation, with some major shifts over the coming days, with a need to have a game plan flexible enough to allow for this.


What makes it easy to tap into the playful and romantic energies in play at the moment, making heart lead themes so dominant, is that you have no planetary influence in either of your professional houses and haven’t all year. However, that’s about to change and as the doors get ready to open on the work front there’s an urgent need to find a balance between work and play. For where you’re going playful and professional forces will both dominate.


If it’s starting to feel like you’re at the bottom of your own priority list and you’re starting to wonder when it’s going to be your turn, the answer is now. There is a shift today that might not be felt at the time but will over the coming days, as the heavens finally get around to paying a playful, romantic and fun focused part of your chart some attention. If life has become too serious of late, the change comes from a shift in mental focus.