Your Weekly Pet Horoscopes for May 29th


While I’ve always been in love with the sound of my own voice, I’m taking this to a whole new level this week. I’ll be making sounds just because I can, but also to get your attention. Let’s face it, I love to have my ego stroked and if making a noise gets me more attention then I’ll be right into it. The only problem is that I’m not particularly smart about this, so only reward me when it’s deserved.


When my birthday month came to an end last week I began another year of going around the block again, except that for me the aging process is accelerated. As I get older my health needs change and I need you to keep up with them. Whether it’s by going on line or talking to my vet, find out what I need as I age. I want to be around for a long time, but I also want to keep healthy and agile.


With my birthday month now well underway, it’s time to look at how we’re going to celebrate. I won’t say no to a new toy or some treats, but what I really need are those annual updates that are easier to remember at this time of year and that you’re making a commitment to my future. I can’t make the new resolutions that you might make when you have your birthday, so I need you to make them for me.


If I had my way I’d be turning into a bit of a sloth, moving when I want to, which chances are isn’t that much. This is a changeable time of year as far as the seasons go, but while the environment might change what I’ll be seeking won’t. When it’s hot expect to find me lounging in the shade while seeking out the warmest spot to laze away some happy hours when it gets cold outside.


So long as I’m in the thick of things and I can see what’s going on, then I’ll be happy. I’ll have a healthy sense of curiosity for anyone that comes to the door, comes over to visit and if there’s not a lot happening at my place, I’ll be looking over or through the fence to see what the neighbours are up to. I’m not exactly nosey, just interested in all the facets of life going on around me and all those interesting smells.


Any chance I get this week to impress or show off and I’ll be in seventh heaven, with a competitive streak running right down my back. If there are other pets in the house expect me to be first to the food, not because I’m hungry but because I want to win. This is a good time to teach me some new tricks, especially those that involve treats when I get it right or lots of ‘atta girls’ or ‘atta boys’.


I’ve had a bit of wanderlust pumping through my system for some time now, but rather than wearing off it seems that it’s here to stay. Chances are a sense of curiosity that goes with this may also be getting me into a bit of trouble, as I try and explore all the nooks and crannies I can manage to squeeze myself into. At least you won’t have to spend too much time entertaining me, as I’m more than capable of entertaining myself.


While I might be a creature of habit by nature, liking things to stay the same, I’m becoming a lot more open to change and no longer as fearful of new things as I once was. If you’ve tried to introduce me to new things in the past and I turned my nose up at it, then try again as I might be more receptive this time around. Though don’t take it too far, as there are some things I won’t compromise on.


Just like you, I get bored of the same old same old, day after day and I’m just as much in need of variety as you are. It’s balance that will keep me happy, so mix and match things up a little for me. This would be a good time to introduce new tastes to my diet, though go for smaller sizes first. And just like you movement and keeping agile is important for me as I age, but for me exercise means having a chance to play.


As the focus shifts more and more to my health needs, it’s important to remember that as well as the right food, the right vaccinations and treatments I need, that I also need to have fun. If you’re looking at all my other health needs and not seeing running around and having fun as part of that package, then you’ll miss the most important part. I not only need to keep agile, but having fun has all sorts of health benefits for me.


While it will soon be time to start looking more closely at my health needs, that time won’t come until next week. However, there is nothing to say that you can’t get a jump start on this or that you can’t start taking some shortcuts. I’m in a mood this week for having fun and I want and need lots of playtime. It just so happens that running around and having fun is one of the best things for my health and for our bonding.


I am fast becoming a real homebody, not only liking my routines but loving being right in the middle of family life, with the more you include me the better. This is not because I’m feeling anxious or because I need reassurance, just that it’s something that I’ll enjoy. So much so that I’m likely to be a barometer for everything that is happening in the home, for if there is something out of kilter I’ll feel it and you’ll know about it.