Daily Motivator for May 23rd – What you give

What you give

It is by making a difference that you make a life. It is by giving of your authentic self that you gain access to life’s great richness.

When things are going well, you have many opportunities to make a difference. When difficult problems arise, you have even more opportunities to move the world positively forward.

Today will present you with plenty of meaningful opportunities to make a positive difference. Each of these opportunities is also an opportunity to greatly enrich your life.

If it is self-esteem you seek, here is a way to guarantee it. Observe yourself as you work through the challenges and act to create real value in your world.

All of life longs to hear your unique voice. Be yourself, and do it with passion, effectiveness, creativity and love.

Make the choices that will make a real difference. What you give is what determines how well you truly live.

— Ralph Marston

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