Special Kitty of the Day for May 22nd

Name: Charlie
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tuxedo cat
Home: Rhode Island, USA
This is Charlie. He’s now four years old and a tuxedo cat with a wonderful disposition. I was looking for a polydactal and his large feet with one black toe amongst the other white ones caught my eye, and so he was adopted from a pet refuge. He’s made himself right at home and is a wonderful addition to our cat family.

He doesn’t like to be held much and tries to escape but he is still very very affectionate and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He also thinks he is a sou chef. Any activity in the kitchen has to be observed carefully by him sitting on the tall kitchen stools. As shown in the picture, he loves boxes and claims them all as his.

When he gets cat treats, he bats at them with his big feet and usually loses out as one of our other four cats are standing by to get the treat. Then he gives us a sad look as he lost out yet again. He still nurses at times doing his ‘pushies’ and leaves a wet spot in his location where he gobs. He loves the upper part of his condo and is such a nice gentle boy when one of the other cats decides to join him; they might start play fighting but it isn’t long before Charlie gives them a bath and they fall sound asleep together. We all love him very much.


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