a) Waxing Moon- this is the time of beginnings, health and healing, fertility, psychic awareness, beauty.

i) Waxing Information: The time from the New Moon through the first quarter to the Full Moon is the proper time to perform healing rituals, positive magick, and spells that increase love, good luck, growth of any kind, sexual desire, and wealth.

b) Full Moon -Protection, Love, Healing Purification, Money, Travel and psychic awareness.

i) Full Moon Information: The period of the Full Moon increases the powers of extrasensory perception, and is the proper time to perform lunar goddess invocations, fertility rites, transformations, spirit conjuration’s, and spells that increase psychic abilities and prophetic dreams.

c) Waning Moon- Banishment’s of habits, addictions, disease and negatives. Jealousy, guilt and hurts are released.


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