Daily Cosmic Calendar for Friday, May 11

Ready, set, go! Inspirations can be flying fast and furiously as Mercury makes a contra-parallel with Neptune (5:04AM PDT) followed by an inspirational, 72-degree connection from the radiant Sun to healer-shaman Chiron (7:15AM PDT). Learn more about esoteric philosophy, meditation, ancient ruins, pyramid power, UFOs and ETs under this double-whammy of far-out stellar associations. Check your subconscious to see if Technicolor dreams have been stored from last night or the recent past. Strange forces may be on the prowl later on since Saturn forms a frictional, 135-degree link to Chiron (1:59PM PDT). Both of these celestial bodies are linked to the concepts of right timing – materially (Saturn) and spiritually (Chiron). If twilight zone or deja vu type experiences seem stronger than usual, don’t be surprised. Meanwhile, Aquarius Moon generates interest in group projects, team sports and community events. Revelations can strike concerning your business and investment plans as Mercury unites with Vesta in finance-oriented Taurus (7:38PM PDT). Start gearing up for a potent weekend that highlights the annual union of the two largest celestial bodies – the Sun and Jupiter – happening this year in Taurus on Sunday. The power of positive thinking, a contagious self-confidence and winning smile can take you far during the next 48-hour cosmic thrill-ride.