Daily Cosmic Calendar for Friday, May 4

Because we are still in the glowing aura of tomorrow night’s impending Full Moon, all of today is considered a preparatory time-period in which you can gear up for the enlightening vibrations due to arrive on Saturday evening. Think more about your higher destiny of service to humanity and the kingdoms of nature rather than fulfilling your own personal needs. Pointing in this idealistic direction are an early-morning Moon-Neptune parallel (2:00AM PDT), the Moon trine Venus in air signs (6:17AM PDT) as well as a healing-boost coming from Jupiter making an inspirational, 72-degree link to Chiron (7:30AM PDT). Thus, the first part of this day is superb for opening the gates of higher knowledge and wisdom across the board. As the Moon makes its monthly union with Saturn in Libra (11:03AM PDT) – focusing renewed attention on rising to the top of the totem pole in your professional life – this lunar conjunction with taskmaster Saturn also begins a fairly lengthy void twilight zone that lasts until 7:21PM PDT. During this 8+ hour uncertainty time-span come to grips with recent changes on the relationship front and remain receptive to hearing what your intuition knows is true since the Sun is also in league with Neptune via an inspirational, 72-degree rapport (4:43PM PDT). Nonetheless, it is wise and sensible to finish odds and ends during any void lunar cycle. Once the Moon dives into the intense rapids of Scorpio (7:21PM PDT), see whether your Agatha Christie or Perry Mason disguise still fits you. Being a top-notch, amateur detective and investigator fills the bill when the lunar orb transits the usually secretive and mysterious eighth sign of the zodiac. Keep a notebook by your bed overnight to record nocturnal soul-wanderings and visions of the great beyond as the Moon trines Neptune in water signs (11:56PM PDT).