Mercury in Aries: Watch Your Mouth!

Mercury in Aries: Watch Your Mouth!

Brace yourself for fast talk and even speedier thoughts

Tarotcom Staff on the topics of mercury, astrology, aries

Mercury is the sprightly planet that impacts how we think and how we express ourselves. Are you ready for fast talk and even speedier thoughts? Brace yourself: Mercury is moving back into always-on-the-go Aries on Monday, April 16 at 3:42 p.m. (PDT) / 6:42 p.m. (EDT), lifting us out of a dreamy daze in how we perceive the world and people around us. As Mercury transitions from peaceful Pisces to bold and brash Aries, our minds and our words will get less poetic and more action-oriented.

Aries is a Fire sign known for being impulsive, so be careful what you say! Comments might come out of your mouth before they’re fully formed, giving them a tinge of sarcasm or even an edge of insult — whether you intend them to or not. And even if we think we know the full impact of our words, there’s the danger that we haven’t thought far enough ahead about the effect they’ll have on those we care about.

At the same time, Aries is the first zodiac sign — literally, a true leader in Astrology. Our thoughts and speech could become more courageous, yes, but more than that, this pioneering sign could make us more innovative, too. It will be easier to think of fresh, brilliant solutions to nagging problems as we receive rushes of fresh inspiration. And with rebellious Uranus in Aries, too, we can really expect this innovative energy to fly off the charts.

But catch this inspiration as fast as it comes, because Aries is not known for being patient. In fact, it may be more difficult to complete everyday tasks if they lack the flavor of excitement.

Here are some tips to embrace the best parts of Mercury in Aries:


…get too caught up in the excitement of the moment; reconsider any commitments you’re about to make.
…allow yourself to get trapped in an argument, because neither you nor your friends or lover will be in the most logical place to resolve an issue.
…jump into too many new things at once.


…enjoy the fresh perspective you’ll experience when the no-holds-barred warrior sign takes control of your mental life!
…apply your taste for adventure and desire for new experiences to shake up your daily routine.


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