Freeing Yourself From Enchantment (Seed Moon)

Free Yourself From Enchantment

(Seed Moon)

Sometimes people come into your life who have a mesmerizing or enchanting effect on you. This spell is intended to help you move past this enchantment so that you see situations for what they are.

You will need a small piece of topaz o a piece of jewelry with a topaz in it. Derived from the Sankrit word tapas, meaning “fire,” topaz was thought by the Egyptians to have the golden glow of the mighty Sun God Ra, and for the Romans it had the fire of their Sun God Jupiter. Because of this topaz traditionally made for a very powerful amulet against harm. Magickally, topaz protects against enchantment and helps you to see things for what they are.

Begin by clearing the topaz by placing your hand over it and pulsing with your breath the image of a clear mountain stream. Lie down somewhere comfortable and place the topaz on your third eye (area between and above your eyebrows), and say:

Fire stone so bright

Shine your light

So I can see

Everything clearly

So Mote It Be! Blessed Be!

Place the topaz near your head as you sleep. When drifting to sleep, give yourself the suggestion that in your dreams all enchantment will be lifted and you see everything clearly for what it is. Write down all you recall from your dreams in your journal.


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