Calendar of the Sun for April 14th

Calendar of the Sun
14 Eostremonath

Mariamne’s Day

Color: Blue-green of the ocean
Element: Water
Altar: Upon a cloth of blue, green, and aqua place a large glass bowl filled with salt water, sand, and shells from the ocean, many small cakes or breads, and a pitcher of milk.
Offerings: Seashells. Make food. Give generously to another.
Daily Meal: Fish. Bread. Dairy products.

Invocation to Mariamne

Lady of the Land and Sea,
We call you to watch over us!
Lady of the Ocean,
Cascading waves that stroke the shore
Again and again, in a never-ending
Mating dance of land and sea;
Lady of whales and dolphins,
Lady of fishes that swim in
Silvery schools like clouds of mist,
Lady who fills our nets and boats,
Lady who keeps us safe at sea,
Lady who brought our ancestors
Safely across their watery travels,
Bless us with your protection
As we navigate the shoals of our lives.
Lady of the Shore,
Mistress of Land and Sea,
Ruler of the tides
And giver of nourishment,
You who make the milk flow
And the mother’s breast give forth,
You who water the fields
And spark the seed,
Bless us with your abundance
As we move with your tidal flow.

Chant: Mariamne Mariamne
Mistress of Earth and Sea

(The breads are passed around, and the one who passes them says, “Taste the bounty of the body.” Then the milk is passed, and the one who passes it says, “Taste the bounty of the heart.”

[Pagan Book of Hours]