“Meet your spirit Guide”

“Meet your spirit Guide”

Start with the total relaxing meditation to fully relax your body and mind.

Feel all the tension leaving your body, if out side thoughts or noises enter you mind put it in a bubble and let it go.

Focus on your breathing normally so that with each breath you relax more and deeper.

Now visualize in your minds eye a stair case with 10 steps. as you begin to descend the steps see each step, feel the step under your feet. Starting at 10, than 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, getting deeper into a relaxed state with each step, 3, 2, 1.

When you reach the bottom you’ll see a door that leads to a special room that only you can enter into. It can be any scene that you want, when your ready open the door and walk in, look around and sense your surroundings. What’s in the room? What does it smell like? or feel like to you?

If you want you can sit down or walk around and change anything you want (remember it’s your room) do what you like.

When you ready you will see a person coming towards you, you are not scared, you feel love and are comfortable,( this is your spirit guide) As he or she walks closer to you they will offer you a gift, take it, open it. What is the gift? what does the gift represent to you? Thank them for the gift.

Now you may ask any questions that you may have for them. eg: name, age, or maybe any special messages they may have for you. Take you time!

When your ready to leave say good bye. You may go back at any time you wish.

Go out the door and begin to start up the stairs.. with each step you will begin to feel more energized, more awake. when you reach the top you will feel better and more energized than before.

Open your eye’s and stretch and drink some water.


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