Psychic Protection


 Psychic Protection

Finally comes the all-important issue of protecting yourself psychically while your cast spells or carry out rituals.

Casting a circle and/or a magical square offers you a great deal of psychic protection as does the process of grounding yourself after a spell.

Also doing spells only for positive purposes and with good intent is in itself protective. There is no point in standing within circles, squares or triangles if you are summoning up dark forces or playing about creating elemental thought forms. If what you are doing makes you uneasy or you couldn’t tell your best friend, mother or sister (if they are generally sympathetic towards magick) what you are up to, don’t. That is the basic rule. The following may also help.

Set an earth crystal, an air crystal, a fire crystal and a water crystal that you have sprinkled with a sacred water mix that you have sprinkled with a sacred water mix at the main direction points around a room or an area where you are working. As you set each one, ask for the protection of light and goodness(or dedicate each to a special deity).

Alternatively, use an ordinary round dark brown stone for the north, a white one for the east, a reddish one for the south and a pinkish grey for the west. The north and west stones should be round or diamond shape and the others pointed.

Wash the crystals or stones in running water after the spell or ritual.

You can designate the four traditional archangels to the four watchtowers, external direction points around the room, your outdoor circle of your altar.

Light four angel candles and place them halfway along each actual or visualized line of magick square or round your circle at four main direction points.

Even if you don’t cast a circle for a simple spell you can picture the four angels or substitute angels of nature for the four archangels. Though the conventional element archangels do have ecological foci, you may prefer to choose a nature angel for each element especially for out door magick and use his herbs, crystals and candle colour to complete your protection.