Ritual Tools and Dragon Magick

Ritual Tools and Dragon Magick


Every sincere, dedicated magician is always searching for new ways to amplify her/his magical powers so that her/his manifestations will be more accurate and consistent. Using the elemental-type power of dragons to help in your rituals is an excellent method of increasing the flow of energy within the cast circle.

There are certain ritual tools that you will find helpful for dragon magic. If you are already practicing magic, you will have some of them. If you are just beginning to work in magic, acquire your tools slowly and with care. Tools do not have to be elaborate or expensive to work magic. For example, I have never found that a little silver wand (these are really expensive!) could do more than a piece of dowel lovingly decorated by the magician. And the tools do not have to be acquired at once or before you can start your magical workings.

If you budget does not allow any purchases at the moment, do not put off beginning your practice of dragon magic. Start off with the kitchen table or the nightstand in the bedroom as an altar. One white candle in a fireproof holder is better than none; however, if you cannot have a candle, substitute an electric candle or small light. A paring knife will work as a ritual dagger for carving script onto the candle. A pleasant cologne or aftershave can become an emergency incense. A glass can be chalice. Use your imagination and inventiveness until you can manifest enough prosperity to purchase better tools. Ritual manifestations have been successful with some of the most outlandish equipment in a pinch. But it does work better and more efficiently when you have special ritual tools. I think this has to do with budding magician’s subconscious mind and the development of the magical personality.


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