Making A Family Candle

Making A Family Candle
by Patricia J. Telesco
“A Charmed Life: Celebrating Wicca Every Day”

For this activity you will need a fair amount of candle drippings,
preferably from candles you’ve used in magick for peace, joy, unity and
other similar qualities that you’d like to see manifest in your family.

You’ll also nee a piece of wick two inches in length, something to
weight it with, such as a button, a cleaned out quart-sized milk carton,
and a pencil that’s long enough to go across the top of the milk carton.

Also gather some finely powdered herbs that symbolize your wishes for
family ( each person should choose one.) Examples include lavender for
joy, nutmeg for health, rose for love and luck, violet for peace, mint
for protection, and sandalwood for spirituality.

Wait until the moon is full if possible. Secure one end of the wick to
the pencil and the other end to the button, so that the button touches
the bottom of the milk carton and the length in between is fairly taut.

Put the wax cuttings into a non-aluminum pan in a pan of water over a
low flame and gather everyone around the stove, which represents the
warmth and the love of
your household.

Each person should take a turn stirring the wax clockwise and sprinkle
in his or her herb, while verbalizing the wish it represents.

Let this mixture cool slightly before pouring it into the milk carton to
set. Release the wax mixture from the mold by quickly dipping it in a
sink full of hot water. Light this candle any time tensions or anger
begin saturating your home, or for family spells or rituals.