Crystal of the Day for August 11th – Jasper

Jasper ia a type of quartz coloured by a variety of impurities. Haematite makes jaspers red, limonite makes them brown or yellow and chlorite makes them green.

Jasper has a long history, having been used to make amulets and ornaments for many centuries. Its modern name is thought to derive from the ancient Assyrian word for the stone, ashpu. Not only was it often red, the revered colour of life, but the endless variety of tone and pattern, and the fact that jasper forms in massive, carvable blocks, made it a valuable commodity.

Identification and care

  • Red jasper is very common. When broken and recrystallized with more quartz solution it resembles a mosaic.

  • Many varieties of jasper have been given their own names – for example, there is bloodstone or heliotrope, which is green with red spots, and there is orbicular jasper or “ocean jasper”, which features green, blue and yellow concentric patterns.


  • Traditionally was believed to protect from the effects of snake bites and other poisons

  • Provides unique solutions to practical problems

Healing functions

  • Gently grounds (especially the red and brown varieties)

  • Helps to focus on the practicalities of life

  • Encourages enthusiasm and drive

  • Acts as a steadying anchor when psychic work is undertaken

  • Nurtures any damaged areas of the body, aiding recovery and repair.

Practical ideas

  • To experience the healing qualities of jasper: place on yellow jasper at the center of the forehead, one yellow jasper between the heart and throat; one red jasper by each ear; one red jasper at the heart; and one green jasper in each hand.