Lady A’s Spell Of The Day for 4/1: Witch’s Bottle Protection Spell

Witch’s Bottle Protection Spell

Glass, ceramic, stone or metal bottles may be used for those spells against hexes and for protection against malicious spirits; don’t use plastic.

  1. Place three pins, three needles, and three nails inside a bottle.

  2. Fill the bottle with salt

  3. Prick your smallest left finger and let three drops of blood flow into the bottle.

  4. Seal the bottle securely and bury it under the hearth or next to your home.

Herb of the Day for 4/1 is Dandelion

Herb of the Day


Dandelion is a hardy perennial salad weed originating from Eurasia. Weed killers were invented for herbs like this. As a culinary herb, the leaves are an excellent blood tonic and diuretic. The roots can be roasted and brewed as coffee. Let the dandelion live near fruit trees and it will help them produce more fruit. Just don’t pull it up–it is a non-allergic lawn cover that blooms, perfect for xeriscaping.

Programing Your Gemstones & Crystals

The Seven Major Chakras

Programing Your Gemstones and Crystals

From Kellie Jo Conn, GG

After you choose and clear your gemstone or crystal, it is a good idea to dedicate it or program it. The purpose of programming a crystal or gemstone is to focus its abilities on something you specifically need, thereby magnifying the stone’s intent through your own. The purpose of dedicating the stone to a high level healing energy or Goddess (God) is to protect it from negative energy. A crystal or stone that is programmed and dedicated in these ways becomes much more powerful and useful as a tool. This is a very simple process.

Programming Your Gemstone

  • Hold the crystal or gemstone in your hand and sense its energy. With the stone being newly cleared, the energy will feel stronger and even more appealing that before. 
  • As you sense this energy and appreciate it, ask quietly to be connected to the deva of the crystal or gemstone. Though not animate, stones are living things and the deva of the piece is the stone’s life-force energy. 
  • Once you feel you have sensed what you can from the energy, think of what you will be using the stone for. Think of these uses, then quietly ask the gemstone if it is willing to act in the way you wish. The crystals energy may increase with a yes or seem to disappear with a no. If the stone accepts your intent, state in your mind that it be so.

Dedicating Your Gemstone

Once a stone is programmed, it will hold its intent until you or someone else reprograms it. To prevent any negative energy from attaching itself to your crystal you may wish to dedicate it.

  • Hold the crystal or gemstone in your hand and state clearly in your mind: “Only the most positive high-level energy may work through this healing tool.” 
  • Focus on your intent for awhile, then end your sensing (meditation) with “SO BE IT.” 
  • The stone is now dedicated.

You may also choose to dedicate your gemstone or crystal to a specific healing energy, for example, to a Goddess of healing. There are many healing goddesses, including Isis, Yemaya, Diana, and White Buffalo Calf Woman. For stones programmed for protection, Hecate or Kali are strong protection Goddesses.

Gemstone of the Day for 4/1 is Jade

Gemstone of the Day


  • Common Name: Jade
  • Also known as: Tremolite
  • Appearance: Pale green, sometimes white, pink or gray
  • Element(s): Earth
  • Healing powers: Connected to healing of the internal organs such as the kidneys or spleen; also used to balance the humors of the body and promote longevity
  • Magical uses: Symbolic of pure love, serenity, innocence and truthfulness
  • Goddess of the Day for 4/1 is My Lady Morrigan

    Goddess of the Day

    The Morrigu / Morrigan / Morgaine / Morganna (Irish, British)
    Celtic Goddess of Water and Magic. Supreme War Goddess, Shape-shifter. Reigned over the battlefields, helping with her magic but did not join in the battles.  She is the Crone aspect of the Goddess. Great Mother; Moon Goddess; Queen of the fairies. In her dark aspect, her symbol is then the raven or crow.  She is the Goddess of war, fate, death; she went fully armed & carried two spears. Goddess of rivers, lakes & fresh water. Patroness of priestesses & witches. Revenge, night, magic, prophecy. A Triple Goddess made of three largely autonomous Goddesses. Their names vary, but they are usually called Macha, Badb and Nemain. Morgan was said to be married to Merlin, and it was from him she learned her magic. She was also doubled with The Lady of the Lake.

    Daily Motivator for 4/1 – Feel the possibilities

    Feel the possibilities

    Feel the energy of life as it fills your awareness. Feel the ever-expanding universe of possibilities that stretches out in every direction.

    Feel the possibilities, for they are your possibilities. Because you do feel them, you are in the amazingly fortunate position of being able to bring them to life.

    Choose to focus on an objective, and you will indeed focus the unique power of your awareness on that objective. Decide to take action, and just as soon as the decision is made you can be taking action.

    You can perceive, you can evaluate, you can prioritize, you can plan and strategize and get the results you intend. And now is when you can make full use of your powerful capabilities.

    Feel your purpose, feel your vision, and act on the possibilities that will share the goodness of that unique vision with all of life. Understand that every single moment is a spectacular opportunity.

    What is most meaningfully possible for you is ready for you to make it real. Feel the beautiful, life-enriching possibilities as they come to life through you.

    — Ralph Marston

    Daily OM – Being Your Own Voice of Reason

    Being Your Own Voice of Reason

    The meaning we assign to our experiences is a very powerful factor in determining the quality of our lives.

    The meaning we assign to our experiences – whether pleasant or distressing – is a very powerful factor in determining the quality of our lives. What we imagine events to mean will color the way we feel about ourselves, about the people in our lives, and about the world at large. If we want to encourage a positive outlook, well-being, and a sense of self-confidence and even trust in the universe, we can begin by assigning more peaceful, loving meanings to what we experience.

    Imagine, for example, that a friend fails to show up to a lunch date. You have choices as to what you will make this experience mean for you. You could allow being “stood up” to reinforce your feelings of unworthiness, you could begin to mentally attack your friend’s character, or you could assume that something big must have happened to cause them to miss the date — then, you might open yourself up to enjoying some relaxing time alone. If you were recently laid off and are having difficulty finding a new job, consider that you might have hidden gifts or passions that were untapped in your regular career that you are now available to explore. The universe might simply be moving you in a more fulfilling direction. If you have recently lost a loved one, gained weight, lost money, or gotten in a fight with your partner, see if you can infuse the experience with meaning that feels loving and empowering and opens a door for you to embrace life and the world a bit more.

    When we begin to bring consciousness to what we are making things mean, we may be shocked at the messages we have been feeding ourselves all these years. Try taking the reigns and begin assigning a kinder meaning to the events in your life and you will likely find yourself on a much more pleasant ride.

    Don’t Ever Stop

    Don’t Ever Stop


    Even though thoughts, ideas and imagination are very powerful, you can get nothing by just thinking, idealizing or imagining; you must also take action.

    Action is the bridge between your ideas and their accomplishment. You have to seriously commit to yourself to pay the price, whatever it is. You can do whatever you want only if you believe you can. You can do whatever you set your mind to and you can accomplish anything if you’re willing to pay the price.

    The message is clear; you and only you are responsible for your thoughts, ideas, imagination, health, well being, wealth, life style, economy, happiness, peace, your past, present and future. You and only you are the architect of your fate. You and only you are in the driver’s seat. You and only you are responsible for the kind of life you are living now and the way you will live your old age.

    You are a winner! Be honest, responsible and respectful with yourself so you can see the reality of whom you really are and where you are standing. You are a winner! Don’t, EVER, EVER think otherwise. NEVER QUIT! Act, act, act and make your dreams come true. Don’t focus on what you DON’T want, even for a second; instead focus ONLY on what you want. The mind cannot have two thoughts at the same time. Walk, walk, walk and keep walking toward your goals.

    I know for a fact that when you are totally clear on what you want, have a burning desire to fulfill your dreams, a blind faith and take action, you can do and accomplish all you can imagine and desire.

    I also know that the more time you spend focusing on what you want and the more time you stick to what you need to do, the more satisfaction and happiness you get and you will feel more the essence of your goals.

    The more time you spend on getting what you want and the more time you are in contact with your mission, the more familiar you get with what you need to know to accomplish your goal. As a result, you will have plenitude and confidence.

    The more time you do more of what is expected from you, more opportunities come to your life and definitively more doors will open for you. The more you are willing to give, the more you will be able to get.

    Of course that is possible! Believe in you! Believe in nothing but in the satisfaction, motivation, experience you are getting during the process and also believe that you will accomplish all you have planned regardless of any circumstance, obstacle or setbacks.


    YOU CAN!


    If you stop, it is because you need to give yourself time to understand what you need to correct in order to keep acting and walking on the right path. Believe me, at the end of the road there is what you deserve. Every step forward is taking you closer and closer to your goal and fulfillment.

    And don’t forget to be happy during the process!

    Copyright © 2009 Eduardo Dominguez

    Inspirational Thought for 4/1

     “Life is worth living! Don’t let anything take your joy from you. Take nothing for granted, keep family close, and respect the people you love the most. We can’t redo yesterday, just gotta live for today and not make any moment a regret.”
    Written in 2011 by Rachel Woodard — California

    My Pentacle Is Bigger Than Yours!

    My Pentacle Is Bigger Than Yours!

    Author: Devon, The Maid Of Epona

    I’ve been a practicing solitary witch for a little more than ten years. I have just recently decided to wear my pentacle openly.

    Does that mean I’m out of the broom closet? Heavens no! I like to describe myself as having one foot in and the other out of the proverbial broom closet. I believe this to be the smart way to be, living where I live. Hey! Pennsylvania isn’t California!

    I’m not a militant pagan although I do have a serious warrior’s streak. But being a warrior also means picking and choosing your fights. I work in the small animal business in one job and in the horse business in the other.

    When working in the horse business, keeping your mouth shut about what faith you are, especially if it is an alternative faith that is greatly misunderstood by others, is the wiser way to go.

    If I were to be open to everyone about my faith, it would have a detrimental effect on my career. People in the horse business would immediately assume that I was one of those “tree hugging, wackos” and I suddenly wouldn’t get hired or be able to buy or sell horses because gossip runs rampant in stables and sometimes is taken to be truer than the Bible! I also deal with many of the Amish community and I hide my pentacle out of deference to their beliefs.

    So I pick and choose when and where to display my symbol of faith openly. I have also made an agreement with myself that, when I wear my pentacle openly, and someone questions my faith, then I must answer truthfully and intelligently.

    I tell them that my pentacle stands for the four elements and the element of spirit. I tell them that it is a symbol of wholeness and balance, not of negativity and hatred. And its meaning cannot be twisted by reversing its direction, at least not in my eyes!

    The first day I wore my pentacle, I walked about with a heightened sense of awareness, waiting for everybody to judge me. I guess I was expecting the whole world to gasp, point their fingers and declare me a witch in that tone of voice that meant nothing good. The actual reaction of people was much more subdued and confused.

    Instead, the only question I had to deal with was, “I didn’t know you’re Jewish!”

    Do you know how hard it is not to roll your eyes at someone and exclaim, “What? Can’t you count”?

    I took a real risk this past Christmas. My husband had given me two gifts I picked out from our favorite knife catalog; an unusual knife and a pentacle decorated with red gems that I thought was pretty. So what it wasn’t silver!

    Well pictures in catalogs can be deceiving!

    I thought the pentacle to be modestly sized and the knife to be around the size of a Bowie knife. Well the truth was things were reversed.

    The knife was the size of a pocketknife. The pentacle was big. REALLY BIG!

    Try a pentacle with some serious attitude and lots of bling to the red gems on it. There was no mistaking it when I chose to wear out. It just reeled you in. Ooooh boy!

    Then I decided to wear it out and obvious to a family function. Hey! It was a Christmas gift from my hubby that I still really liked in spite of the size. I wanted to show off my sparkly!

    Now, not all of my family knows my religious denomination but most are aware. My parents are a blessing from the Goddess! They approve as long as I don’t go around trying to convert everybody. My brother and sister know and are open minded enough to not make a big deal about such things. My cousins even know and are cool with it.

    My uncle? Well, lets just say his religious views scare me! He attends an ultra conservative church that has several ministers, several auditorium sized rooms for worship and boasts an attendance of several thousand people.

    I was told to never tell my uncle what religion I was.

    He was coming to the party as well.

    I probably should NOT have worn the pentacle. But I did.

    I also chose to disguise it with my new fashion statement, which was to wear cowboy clothes. You see, in the western horse show world, they have this design that is called a Texas star. It’s like a sheriff’s badge. Hmmm. Guess what? That’s a pentacle!

    So I immediately went out and got my western show attire decorated in “Texas Stars”. I’ve got them on my hat and even my horse’s saddle and bridle sport little “pentacles”. No, I won’t wear ten million pentacles on myself but I’ll completely festoon my poor, long suffering horse with them!

    Anyway, I showed up at the party with my hunka, big, new pentacle and my “Texas Star” hat. And my uncle showed up later. He looked directly at my new pentacle and then me and my newly dyed, black hair.

    And then he asked if I’d had any of the steamed shrimp he brought.

    I felt like I had had the rug pulled out from under me. I tried not to laugh my relief.

    The pentacle was a big hit though.

    Two people asked about it and my religious persuasion. I found out that they also were open-minded and we had a lovely evening chatting about esoteric things. Those conversations would have probably never happened if I hadn’t been daring enough to chance wearing it out.

    But the real point of the matter is this: A pentacle, or a cross, or a Jewish star, or whatever symbol you choose to wear is nothing but a piece of jewelry unless the belief is behind it to make it more.

    Those Wiccans that chose not to wear a pentacle or any other symbol of faith, does that make them any less of a Wiccan? No.

    Sometimes I wear my pentacle and sometimes I wear my favorite jade horse pendant. They are both symbols of faith in my opinion and are as important to me as the cross is to someone else.

    But I am not a Wiccan because I choose to wear a pentacle. I am Wiccan because that is what language my heart sings.

    And no one can change what you feel in your heart. You can only choose whether or not to speak it.

    Do you wear your pentacle on your skin or in your heart?

    Devon, the Maid of Epona

    Grasping Witchcraft

    Grasping Witchcraft

    Author: Charmed By The Moon

    I know the title is a bit misleading as Witchcraft isn’t something we can physically hold. In fact, it’s more of something we can embrace and become. I’m referring more to the idea of getting a hold on it, seeing it, understanding it and living it.

    I’ve been on this road for so long but haven’t made the true connection to the facts and ideas that are Witchcraft. There is so much to learn and so much to do and so much to envelop, it can often feel like a horse running down the road and I’m trying to get a rope on it to bring it back in again. It gets away from me sometimes. It becomes too big for me to truly grasp and hold close to me.

    Some would say, “Well faith isn’t something you can capture; it is a free moving spirit of the Universe knowing no bounds, limits, or time”.

    I agree to a point.

    How do Christians and Jewish and Muslim people get a hold of their religion? I believe in some cases it is indoctrinated into them at birth and they have spent years studying and applying what they learn through weekly ritual, holidays etc. They have parents and family and friends in the same realms and it becomes a part of their life.

    They have many years of preparation and teaching to reach the important milestones of their particular faith. There are huge parties and gatherings of celebration, families bonding and loving, and a strong sense of community.

    That’s fine and wonderful if you are of a major Belief System but what about us? Or should I say me?

    What about the Witchcraft of today and how it is still perceived by our peers?

    There is no building to belong to, no sense of community really. No one wants to hear how you just made a second initiation and chose a new name. No one wants to know what crystals you bought for ritual. No one cares about the books and discoveries you are making.

    Point is unless you have friends and family in the know, you don’t have any real support or ways to learn and certainly no one to celebrate with that might matter to you.

    I do have a partner in my life and for that I am grateful and he too is on the same road as I but he knows about as much as I do. We can share moments and lessons but we still need more, still need direction so I set it as my personal goal to gain enlightenment on a different level at least for myself.

    That leaves us on fact-finding missions. It leaves us open to strangers in our Belief System to guide us. (Some of which I have to say based on personal experience are total flakes!) Or, we meet people whom ‘don’t owe us anything’ and they choose not to teach what they have learned or even help to get us started. Fine. They have the right.

    Next we have books by 1, 000 authors at least! Some writers and practitioners are on the same page, others are more complex, more don’t make any sense, some are so busy saying “this is the only way” and how do they really know? Books are great but there is no real way to ask a book a question! No way to talk to the author directly so it leaves many an unanswered query. So then we move to the online world and there is no real way to know if the person on the other end is real or not, what their motivations are, what they represent and where do they get their information. I suppose you can find a local coven and hope they accept you if your willing to do the work. Again these are strangers and you are in a vulnerable state as it is and for some insecure people they can fall into a terrible way.

    It can be such a lonely world and very disheartening. There had to be a better way and I think I may have found it! I had to put some trust in someone I didn’t know and I am pleasantly surprised to say the least.

    I paid for my classes. I exchanged money for knowledge.

    Granted it isn’t a lot but there is a personal responsibility to each person and we carry it out. I know there are many people who are telling me that I shouldn’t have to pay. I can find information everywhere and yes, I have indeed found info. I’ve found so much I can’t organize it all and I don’t know how to manage one particular sect of Witchcraft.

    I’m overwhelmed. I need direction, accountability, projects, motivation, detail, organization and even coaching.

    That’s it!

    I needed a Witch Coach! I needed someone to break it down and give me a starting point.

    So, after a 2-year search and investigation I did come across one woman. She teaches many classes in person as well as correspondence and her style completely resonates with me, and I like her! I like the way she thinks. I like how she isn’t all about props and deliverance as much as common sense and developing natural ability. I got a cool little lesson book with projects, ritual ideas, reading material, supplies to buy, etc. and a nice note saying to me “Welcome” and a few other things.

    I loved it. Granted I’ve not had a conversation with her yet and I will soon but I still felt like someone was at least a nice person and to the point. Anyone can say welcome to the group but I picked up a sincere feeling.

    Upon receiving my materials I set out to start by doing the first lesson and I am still doing them day-by-day.

    I feel good and I feel like I might actually one day grasp the element of being a Witch. I know I am one. I always knew but didn’t know how to get it off the ground.

    It isn’t a race to ensue one’s faith; it is a journey of mind, body and spirit and it is meant to be as such. I want to taste it in my breath, feel it in my soul, and wake everyday knowing I am special and I know what many others do not know but seek.

    No one can become anything over night. it takes study and determination and a natural love of what your doing. It takes wanting it more than you’ve wanted anything and not giving up because it becomes hard. In reality if we don’t learn how to do things right, we can cause more harm than good.

    In all the information I’ve gathered in four years I couldn’t differentiate what was bogus and what was truth and then who deemed it to be truthful? I discovered I have to find my own truth in what makes sense to me and what calls to me.

    I found it, finally.