Heartwings Love Notes 451 Doing The Best I Can


Heartwings Love Notes 451 Doing The Best I Can

Heartwings says, “All you need to do the best you can is to try your hardest.”

My report cards from elementary school often emphasized that if I tried harder I would get better grades. I’ve often wished my teachers realized I was trying as hard as I could. I am not a linear thinker; if my mind wandered in class it was usually because something being said reminded me of something else relevant to me though not necessarily the teacher; if I looked out the window it was because the outside was more interesting than what the teacher was saying. With the circumstances and my abilities, I did the best I could.

In those days there was a single standard of “right” and “wrong” concerning the way children were to behave or to respond. No one seemed to care about other circumstances or situations making a difference for the student. There were no excuses or difficulties to be taken into consideration. My wretched penmanship due to my inability to repeat the same strokes over and over was said to be my fault for not trying hard enough.

I know now that regardless what was said on my report card, I did do my best. In terms of skills, coordination, or ability children are not all created equal. Today there is a much greater understanding of this and as a result many children benefit. What was lacking then was compassion for those laboring under unseen yet effectively limiting handicaps. This had a profound influence on all of us.

I grew up being hard on myself for any perceived failure to measure up. As I have learned and grown I have become much more compassionate both toward my own limitations and toward those of others. Having patience with myself has become a goal as well as an intention to be practiced as all times. I believe I am making progress. The old critical voices are not nearly as loud as they were. I have learned to give myself and others more credit for doing the best we can.

May you learn to be happy with your abilities and accomplishments and give yourself credit for trying your best.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

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