Daily Goddess Devotion

Daily Goddess Devotion

When I awaken from my sleep,
Fear holds deep within my heart;
I know not if it was a dream,
Or if these things will someday start.
Men dressed in armor I can see,
As souls cry out from all around;
Lost as if they no know why,
As blood rises from the ground.
Visions fade from within my eyes,
Seeking to know: is it future or is it past;
For how can I know what lies within;
Is it a dream or time unmasked.
I ask the Goddess protect our way,
Cover us in Her love and to hold us near,
For in Her light we are truly blessed;
We shall stand as one and show no fear.
Let the world see us for who we are,
For we have not lost our way;
Goddess Mother guide us on,
Show us how to stand and stay.
Heal the hearts of mortal man,
By Earth, Fire, Rain and Wind;
And unto the world our light we’ll give,
The Energy of peace together send.

Blessed Be.
Lady Abigail
Copyright © 11292011


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