Runecast for Monday January 24

This morning it’s Hagalaz of Heimdall’s Aett Hagalaz pronounced “haw-gaw-laws” (H: Wrath of nature) Wrath of nature, destructive, uncontrolled forces, especially the weather, or within the unconscious. Tempering, testing, trial. Controlled crisis, leading to completion, inner harmony.

The shoots in the field are destroyed by hailstones. The farmer is forced to change his plans. Disruption. Separation from old ideas. You have probably grown too attached to other people’s plans and intentions. You have your own path in life and even if you have lost something which seemed important in the past, there is no reason to turn back and attempt to restore a situation as it was. Take what happened as a fact which can’t be changed and continue your way in new circumstances. Then your loss will appear as a gain and you’ll become free of past baggage which has no place in your future. Your present freedom may frighten you but it also gives you new possibilities which you couldn’t have even imagined before. 

Hagalaz Merkstave (Hagalaz cannot be reversed, but may lie in opposition): Natural disaster, catastrophe. Stagnation, loss of power. Pain, loss, suffering, hardship, sickness, crisis. (Note: the reversed or merkstave definitions are included only for reference as they apply to a multi-rune cast and not to a single rune that’s drawn blind from the pouch)

As with all, take only what feels right to you and disregard the rest.

**a portion of today’s rune meaning/description was kindly provided by Ingrid Halvorsen at and used here with her gracious permission**

In the Light…


“Music is a release from the tyranny of conscious thought”
— Kevin Burke
Insanity is inherited, you get it from your kids…

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