The Goddess Companion

The Goddess Companion      

Here is some advice for you:
make peace with all your family.
And here is more: never seek revenge,
even when you have just cause.
And here is even more: never break an oath,
for bad luck follows liars.
And here is my last advice: watch your words,
speak with care, avoid all
those whose speech is careless, for foolishness is loud,
but wisdom whispers.
~Scandanavian Lay of Sigrdrifa
It is common today to recognize the Goddess in nature, but our foremothers saw her in human society as well. Goddesses represented justice and the bonds of family, law and its ordering principle. We acknowledge this wisdom when we depict blind Themis holding her scales, or place the crown of Tyche on a ruler’s head. Femininity is not only to be found in nature or in the worldview of goddess cultures; it is found in civilization as well.
Civilizing Goddesses offered advice that rings as true today as when it was uttered hundreds, or thousands, of years ago. The goddesses tell us to be prudent and truthful, to be honorable and loving. Beyond the changeful forms of society, some values seem to be constant. Following the advice of the Scandinavian Goddess Sigrdrifa can make our lives whole and serene.


By Patricia Monaghan

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