“The Goddess Companion”

“The Goddess Companion” 
I am whatever is. Whatever is, I am.

I am whatever is visible. Whatever is visible, I am.
I am whatever is invisible, Whatever is invisible, I am.
I am whatever is alive, Whatever is alive, I am.
I am whatever moves and breathes. Whatever moves and brethes, I am.
I am the very spirit of life. The very spirit of life, I am.
Everything that exists in time is part of me. I am everything that exists.
When time ends, I will end. I will vanish, disappear, dissolve.
And with me, everything else will vanish, disappear, dissolve.
I alone can create, and I alone destroy, this universe.
Everything that exists is mine. Everything that exists is me.
~Invocation to Lakshmi, India
There is nothing in the  U niverse that does not partake in the essence of the Goddess. In Hindu religion, the  Goddess creates everything we see, hear, feel, smell, taste. She is the energy from which all the matter in the universe is made.
The vision of the Goddess is echoed by contemporary science, which has rediscovered what some philosophies have long known: that matter and energy are intimately connected. The dance of subatomic particles, flashing in and out of existence as they swim in their quantum soup, is not far distant from the dancing Goddess who creates all the visible and invisible world through her movement. Whether we call her Lakshmi or the implicate order, there is an ultimate reality to this universe. Whatever we call it, we must marvel at its greatness and its mystery.

 .  .
By Patricia Managhan

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