Take a black figure candle, carve the person who is lying name and any other info into the figure..
Using a hot nail melt away the mouth. Smooth the mouth area over so you can’t even tell there was
a mouth there, then bind the mouth area with black thread.
Using a knife or nail hollow out a small hole in the area of the heart.
Inside the hole sprinkle a little bit of graveyard dirt and (if you wish) a drop of your own blood, ..
again using the hot nail or hot knife remelt the wax over the hole until the contents are sealed in.
Light the candle for a few seconds as you name; the candle and tell it your wish
(i.e. Joe Smith; will stop spreading lies about me) use your own words here.
Take the figure to a graveyard and hang it in a tree with a piece of black thread.
Another version of this can be done with a picture of the person who is doing the lying ,
but you use needle and thread to sew the mouth shut, the bury the pic in a cemetery


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