It will turn back the lies to the person that is telling them.
You will need:
underwear of the lying person (if not buy a pair and write the name of the offending
person in the crotch of the underwear with a black marker.
A bottle of the hottest Tobasco sauce you can find.
A bit of thistles and nettles, and cinquefoil ( to urge them to tell the truth)
black pepper rubbing alcohol a lighter or matches.
An old cauldron or an outside grill.
What to do:
Pour the Tabasco sauce on the crotch of the underwear. Let it dry.
Sprinkle the herbs and black pepper. Sprinkle with a bit of alcohol (just a tad)
Use the lighter or matches (better to have a long match)
Burn in an old cauldron or outside grill.
( you can improvise, such as an old pot you don’t use)
As the underwear burns say:
(The person’s name) I’ve had enough
I rise above you, I’ve gotten tough
The wagging tongues of the flame bite back
I refuse to take this hateful flack
Your lies are a conflagration
Bringing you to degradation
Your deceit recedes it’s clinging grasp
And I am free, the truth at last.
Scatter the ashes off your property, better to bring it to a field or cemetery.