Daily Motivator for December 11th – Think highly of yourself

Think highly of yourself

Very often, your biggest limitations are the limitations you put on yourself.  What you expect has a profound effect on what you actually get.

If you think of yourself as too old, too inexperienced, uninformed, dull or  ordinary, those negative expectations influence the way you live. When you think  of yourself as creative, passionate, interesting, valuable, unique and genuine,  those positive expectations will be expressed in your life.

Thinking highly of yourself doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant or elitist.  When you truly think highly of yourself, you’ll end up living your life so as to  genuinely prove those thoughts accurate.

You can be held back by your expectations, or encouraged forward by your  expectations. Make the choice to be encouraged, inspired, motivated and  compelled by the positive things you expect of yourself.

Sure, there are many difficult challenges you’ll face in living a fulfilled,  successful life. Don’t add your own negative expectations to those  challenges.

Instead, expect the best of yourself in every moment and in every situation.  And ride those expectations forward to a life of true fulfillment.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Daily Motivator for Oct. 20th – Persistent positive perspective

Persistent positive perspective

If you are resentful about the interruptions, you make those interruptions  last even longer. When you get angry about being hurt, you prolong the pain. 

Negativity wastes your time and your life. In return, it brings you nothing  desirable.

Negativity causes you to see and experience troubles that otherwise would not  be there. Negativity blinds you to the goodness that is all around you, and  separates you from much of life’s richness.

When you feel resentment, anger, envy, despair, anxiety or any other negative feeling coming on, quickly let it go. Make the choice to not allow a negative perspective to drain value from your life.

It can be very easy to be negative in response to life’s various occurrences.  Yet it becomes extremely difficult to live with the consequences of all that  negativity.

It is actually just as easy to let the negativity go. Make that choice, and  fill your life with the real treasures that come from a persistent positive  perspective.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

The Daily Motivator for Feb. 17th – Think the best

Doubt is a thought you can let go of. Confidence is a thought you can choose  to hold and to expand upon.

If you think something is too difficult or out of reach, your thoughts do  indeed put it out of reach. Alternately, when you think you’re capable and  deserving, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Your thoughts most certainly do control you. Yet, before your thoughts  control you, you have the opportunity to select and control them.

Your perspective is built upon the thoughts you most consistently choose. The  most powerful perspective comes from the most positive thoughts.

Just because life is full of problems does not mean you must choose to be  full of negative thoughts. Focus your thoughts not on where you and others have  stumbled, but on the most positive, desirable way forward.

You always have a choice of what to think, so choose consistently to think  the best of life.  That puts you well on the way to making it happen.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator


Today’s I Ching Hexagram for December 20th is 43: Determination

43: Determination

Thursday, Dec 20th, 2012





Personal resolution points to a breakthrough, but decisive action is required. As long as you diligently hold your ground and ward off negative tendencies and influences, the good will prevail.

The persistence of negativity, which is that which opposes the good, is a constant in human affairs. Just when it is thought to have been eradicated, up it will pop again, sprouting through some crack in the pavement of civilized society. Evil need not take dramatic or extravagant forms, such as those exhibited in Nazi Germany. Garden-variety lies and deceit are much more common and persistent, but should be rooted out just as diligently. One must be determined to not accidentally feed negativity — either in one’s social or professional life, or in one’s own soul. In either case, definite rules must be followed for the struggle to succeed.

The first rule: do not compromise with evil. Destructive or exploitive actions must be identified openly for what they are, and discredited. The second: one cannot successfully resist negativity on its own terms. New, positive alternatives that lead away from the source of the problem are generally more successful, and appropriate than trying to counter negativity with raw power. The third rule: the means used to counter negativity must be consistent with the end to be achieved. One cannot stop the spreading of lies by spreading more of them.

Positively responsible

Positively responsible

Even when you’re in a negative place, the next step you take can be in a positive direction. Even when you’re feeling down, with your thoughts and actions you can lift yourself up.

Disappointment and frustration are facts of life that you’ll often encounter. But that doesn’t mean you have to perpetuate them.

When you stumble and fall, it hurts. Yet no matter how much the setback has hurt you, your best choice is always to quickly get back up and get going again.

Instead of fighting back with more of your own negativity, advance forward with your own meaningful, positive intentions. When life has been tough and painful, grab the opportunity to make it richer and more fulfilling.

Feeling resentful and sorry for yourself will just end up giving you even more reasons to feel sorry and resentful. Choose instead to feel positively and enthusiastically responsible for pushing yourself beyond the difficulties.

Every moment is an opportunity for growth and advancement, no matter what has happened in the moments before. Seize each opportunity, and quickly leave life’s disappointments behind.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Daily Motivator for May 9 – Always your choice

Always your choice

When life hands you a negative experience, respond with a positive action. Instead of letting the difficult circumstances pull you down, choose to let them inspire you.

Sure, it’s easy to become dismayed. Yet the truly empowering fact is that it’s just as easy to become determined.

Your attitude is always your choice. So you might as well choose the attitude that will serve you the very best.

When you find yourself feeling angry, cynical, disillusioned, resentful, worried or apathetic, stop. Choose to use those negative feelings as a positive trigger.

Aim your focus in the direction of your best possibilities. Take quick, decisive action in support of those possibilities.

You are in control of your attitude, your thoughts and your actions. So choose to be positive, forward-looking, creative and effective no matter what may come your way.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator