Solo Ritual for Mabon

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Solo Ritual for Mabon

Spend some part of the day in meditation on the meaning of the seasons and the ritual. Before the ritual have a bath in salt water to purify the body and as the water drains out of the bath, imagine all your negativity leaving with it. Dress in clean clothes or your robes.

You should have a candle placed in your cauldron.
Cast your circle.
Call the God and Goddess.
Call the Quarters.
Light the candle in the cauldron and then meditate on the season.

Next say:

The season turns and light and darkness stand once more in balance, but now the dark is gaining.
The time of light and growth is over. The leaves whither on the trees and the birds prepare to fly away for the winter. The grass stands brown in the meadows and the flowers are faded. The bountiful Harvest Mother becomes the Crone who cuts down the Corn King in his prime. He is laid in his tomb, but will return to us when the wheel of the year spins around. His dark tomb shall become the womb from which he is reborn; an eternal riddle. So it is with us all. We are and grow with the light, but there comes a time when the Goddess calls us home.

Hold up your glass of wine and say;

Let the wine be blessed which is the blood of the Earth pressed smooth (drink).

Take up the cakes and say;

Let the cakes be blessed in the name of the God, our Lord. Without his sacrifice we would not eat (eat).

Thank and release the God and Goddess.
Thank and release the Quarters.
Release the circle.

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Ostara Circle Notes From: Dorothy Morrisons-The Craft

Ostara Circle Notes From: Dorothy Morrisons-The Craft

Use a green altar cloth, pastel colored candles, and decorate with wild flowers or flowers of the season.

Use small baskets of appropriately colored eggs to mark the Quarters.
Cast the Circle with the wand. Alternatively, use a flowering branch, Dogwood, cherry, and pussy willow branches all work well.

Ostara Celebration Ideas:
Serve deviled eggs and milk for libation instead of cakes and wine.
Using a white crayon, label boiled eggs with qualities you’d like to add to your personality or life. For example, you might label one with prosperity, another with kindness, and so on. Dye each egg an appropriate color, bless it during ritual, and eat it. Know that the quality’s spiritual seeds have been planted within you and will flourish throughout the year.

Plant an uncooked egg at each corner of your property to ensure a fruitful home life. As you put each egg in place, say something like:
Fertile egg of ancient life
Bring joy and laughter-ease all strife-
And with your great fertility
Grant perfect love and harmony
To all who live within these bounds
Be they person, thing, wild life, or hound


Straight from

Raven and Crone

A Quick Solitary Quarter Call

A Quick Solitary Quarter Call
(when you’re in a hurry! lol)

I welcome the East–bring your winds here,
Blow away doubt, confusion, and fear!
I welcome the South–let your fire glow,
Let desire and passion of life through me flow!
I welcome the West–let your healing rain,
Wash away negative feelings and pain!
I welcome the North–bring stability,
Strength and balance here to me!
The Quarters are called and the circle’s cast,
To raise the power and send it fast,
And when my sacred work is done,
Bless the magick that I’ve begun!